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Benefits of Advertising on this site

Thu, 8th Aug 2002
Disabilityworld.com is a rapidly growing Information portal for people with disabilities. We have a huge number of web links, a large list of worldwide Accommodation and a large number of Organsiations listed in our Directory.

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Why do organisations advertise with Disabilityworld.com?
You can have a full page advert on the Site for as little as £20 a year. A very cost effective method od promoting your goods and services targeted to a specific audience.

Disability World Limited have a business ethic of which enables our partnerships to blossom; we discuss new opportunities that may have not crossed their minds, this in-turn creates innovation and a purpose to deliver goods and services that can enrich peoples lifestyles.

We have a worldwide reach that enables organisations to develop new business relations in Countries such as UK, USA, Austrailia, France, Germany, Spain and the Rest of the World too.

We also other services such as cost-effective web hosting including email. Your web site can be hosted on our server regardless of where you are in the world.

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