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Catalogue for Incontinence

A new and comprehensive range of products for men and women. We have worked in this area of health care for over 15 years and have selected briefs, pads and accessories to help 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men continue with a normal life.

Shown below is just a sample of the products available:


Our briefs are made from a fine cotton/lycra with high quality elastics and trimmings for comfort and durability. The briefs have a sewn in absorbent gusset that will absorb as much as a disposable pad for light incontinence. No need for disposable pads. We have designed and made four styles with absorbent material that does not move around and so is ideal fo the more active and for sportswear. The briefs are dignified and comfortable. They are easy to wash and are therefore both economical and better for the environment. Arelle Legged Ladies Brief and the Arelle Male Brief have a sporty style with legs and a suspended pad that provides an extremely snug fit - exclusive to this range.


In our carefully selected range of pads we are sure you will find those suited to your own requirements. All the pads are highly absorbent and we are confident that you will be satisfied with their effectiveness. Pads need to fit comfortably and close to the body and so we recommend you select a brief from our section on Stretch Briefs. A pad fitted correctly works better, so you need fewer. We suggest you select our Economy Stretch Pants or Abri Leaf Stretch Pant to hold the waterproof backed disposable pads in place.
9 varieties, all high quality Wide choice to satisfy all requirements For both day & night use

Bathing/Toilet Accessories

This is a strong lightweight bath seat for those who have difficulty rising or lowering into the bath. Large specially designed seating area has cut away for personal cleaning and is lightly textured to prevent slipping. Fixes to the bath with four large suckers.

Bed/Seat Protection

Washable bed pads are popular because they are a dignified way of providing protection at night. Just lay the Bed Pad on top of the sheet. It is highly absorbent with a waterproof backing. the Arelle Bed Pad can be used without any disposable pad in order to allow the skin to breath. Similarly, the Arelle Seat Pads discretely protect furniture. All the Arelle Bed and Seat Pads are suitable for light/moderate incontinence and can be washed in a domestic wshing machine. Take advantage of our special offer and buy a pack of three - one in use, one in the wash and one in reserve.

Norfolk Essential Oils

Norfolk Essential Oils is a company set up by a co-operative of farmers in Norfolk. They grow and distil the Lavender and English Chamomile that is included in our collection. For the Arelle Catalogue NEO has also mixed the Sandalwood and Bergamot products.
The oils are used in dealing with a range of ailments that are the result of urinary tract infections; menstruation; the menopause and just everyday stress. You can enjoy the distinctive characters of the 4 oils in 3 ways.
The Foam Bath Oils create a wonderful relaxing bath. The effects are not oily as we have blended the mixture into luxurious foam bath mixtures.
The Shower Gels provide an alternative way to benefit from the fragrances and effects of the oils.
The Moisturisers are suitable for hand or body. They are not oily but soothe and give the skin protection often needed during the day.

All our products are available on this website and can be purchased using credit or direct debit cards.

We offer quick delivery and regular special offers on selected products.

You might prefer to have a copy of our free catalogue.
Just call us on Freephone: 0800 389 3597 and we will send you a copy.

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