Humberside - The Deep

 Humberside - The Deep
Tel:01482 381000
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The Deep is a modern contemporary building designed to provide access for all.
The tour starts on the 3rd floor which can be reached by lift or staircase. A series of ramps gradually descends through the attraction and the one short flight of stairs can be bypassed by a lift.
There are toilets on all floors, including a wheelchair friendly cubicle. Wheelchairs can be borrowed from reception on a first come first served basis. There are audio tours for those who find this an easier form of listening and a recently introduced tactile guide.
Thirteen free disabled parking bays are located by the front door.
The attraction has 2 cafes overlooking the River Humber plus 5 picnic benches alongside the river outside.

Fish Bubbles

Discover the story of the world's oceans on a dramatic journey back in time and into the future!

Wonder at the tank containing 2.5 million litres of water and 87 tonnes of salt. See 7 species of shark, huge marine dinosaurs, Conger Eels, Rays and hundreds of other stunning sea creatures.

Witness the waters of the world from the world's only underwater lift and Europe's deepest viewing tunnel!

Pink Fish

The Deep is a charitable public aquarium dedicated to increasing peoples enjoyment and understanding of the World’s oceans.

It first opened its doors in March 2002 and so far has welcomed over 2 million visitors from the UK and abroad.

Using a combination of hands on interactives, audiovisual presentations and living exhibits it tells the story of the worlds oceans. Visitors will be taken on a journey from the beginning of time through the present day oceans the icy darkness of a futuristic Deep-Sea research lab, Deep Blue one.

Learn of the history of the seas and the threats they now face.

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