Middlesex - Kew Bridge Steam Museum

 Middlesex - Kew Bridge Steam Museum
Address: Green Dragon Lane
Tel:020 8568 4757
Fax:020 8569 9978
Web Site:www.kbsm.org/

Information for wheelchair users

  • Approximately 80% of the museum is accessible to wheelchair users via ramped flooring or a lift.
  • There is level access from the car park to the museum shop and reception area.
  • Access to the 90" Cornish Beam Engine house is difficult, with two flights of steps.
  • Our railway carriage now has a wheelchair accessible compartment, enabling rides on our railway.
  • There is a wheelchair accessible toilet adjacent to the museum car park, which requires a Radar key which is held at the museum reception.
  • Two manual wheelchairs are available for loan to visitors, during their visit. These can be pre-booked by contacting the museum, giving your name and date of visit.
    Information for visually impaired visitors
  • A large print brief guide to the museum is available, priced 50 pence. Guide dogs are welcome throughout the museum.
  • Pre-booked touch tours can be arranged but require two weeks notice to ensure one of our specially trained volunteers is available.

    Water Ring MainBeam Engine WheelBull Engine
    The Kew Bridge Steam Museum is housed in a magnificent 19th Century Pumping Station and centres around the stations five world famous Cornish Beam Engines, two of which can be seen, in steam, every weekend. Originally used to pump West Londons water supply for more than a century, one of them, the Grand Junction 90, is the largest working beam engine in the world.

    Allen Diesel EngineJames Simpson/Waddon Engine
    In the surrounding buildings four more large engines, also at work at weekends, demonstrate more modern steam pumping machinery. We also have examples of diesel, water and animal powered pumping systems, as would typically be found in rural settings. Many Victorian waterworks had their own railway. At Kew Bridge this is demonstrated by a short line featuring the Steam locomotives Cloister and Wendy, which give rides every Sunday from March to November.

    Kew Bridge Steam Museum is operated by an independent charity and in the year 2000 celebrated its 25th anniversary. We have been designated an Engineering Heritage Hallmark Site by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Every year we organise a range of special events and activities, ranging from science activities for children to our ever popular Live Steam Model Railway Show.

    Easton-AmosHawthorn Davy EngineWaterwheel

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