Norfolk - Fairhaven Garden Trust

 Norfolk - Fairhaven Garden Trust
Address: School Road, South Walsham
NR13 6DZ
Tel:01603 270449
Fax:01603 270449

  • Concession rates for Carers as well as Disabled Customers (please ask at the Ticket Office).
  • 90% garden accessibility - weather dependent, lots of rain = harder pushing!
  • Unsuitable access areas are clearly labelled 'unsitable for wheelchair users'
  • 4 electric scooters and 2 wheelchairs are available (we ask for a donation to contribute towards the cost of upkeep).
  • Note: Wheelchairs and scooter must be booked in advance to save disappointment.
  • Fully accessible Tearoom.
  • Partial access to Plant Sales
  • Fully accessible Gift Shop
  • Fully accessible designated toilet.
  • Program of special events - fully accessible. There is no extra charge for the majority of special events, some limitations do apply, please telephone to confirm.
  • Fairhaven Garden Trust was left in Trust by the 2nd Lord Fairhaven in 1973, and opened to the public in 1975.

    The Trust comprises of 180 acreas of woodland, water garden and our private broad, South Walsham Inner Broad.

    The garden is 100% organic and is managed using traditional methods, including coppicing for peasticks and bean rails and the production of our very popular leafsoil, which is fantastic for primulas and rhododendrons. Pea sticks, bean rails and leaf soil are available (on limited basis) from the Plant Sales.

    Spring flowers include English bluebells, daffodils, wild primroses, wood anemones, azaleas and rhododendrons, skunk cabbage (Lysichitum americanum) and our famous Candelabra primulas. Summer brings displays of hydrangeas, philadelphus and wild flowers. summer is a great time of the year for butterflies and dragonflies.

    Autumn is a very colourful time of the year for us with copper coloured beech and oak leaves, crimson berries on hollies and weird and wonderful fungi and toadstools. Autumn also sees the return of many migrant birds, which overwinter on our private broad. Winter is an excellent time of the year for bird watching, you may also see one of the three species of deer sighted at Fairhaven. flowers for winter include snowdrops, butterbur and pieris.

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