Tropicare - Providing Medical Treatment

 Tropicare - Providing Medical Treatment
Address: 278 Beech Avenue
Galashiels TD1 2LG
Tel:0141 631 5279

Want to combine a day's minor treatment with a week's holiday? Fancy heading for the sun but need regular medical or nursing care?

  • NHS waiting lists too long?
  • Dreading that next care bill?
  • Last care experience a nightmare?
  • Frightened of MRSA in hospitals and care homes?
  • Dreading a freezing winter hoping the home help will always arrive?

    Mike Page, a British Registered Nurse, Lesley Sanchez, Agadir's Honorary British Consul, and Dr Chliyah, Agadir Clinic's Senior Consultant and Manager, are now working together, and with travel services, to bring YOU the best of care and treatment.

    Agadir Clinic

    Agadir Clinic is the cleanest, best equipped, best staffed, friendliest hospital you'll ever experience. It can:

  • provide nurses or auxiliaries for you in your apartment, villa, or hotel (which we can also arrange, along with visas for long stay clients);
  • provide care or treatment for Brits in Morocco (from dialysis to wound dressing changes to cosmetic surgery);
  • provide specialist consultants for ANY operation or medical intervention; all for a fraction of UK prices!

    Medical ReceptionThe Medical WardThe Medical Theatre

    Agadir Clinic, the British Consulate, the villas, apartments and hotels we use, and the beach are all close together. The airport is 20 minutes' drive, with direct flights from the UK.

    Medical WardThe Medical Recovery Area

    Please contact us with further questions, on 0141 631 5279, or via We can also find out how your needs could be met, and estimate prices.

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