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Win Health Ltd. is an established UK healthcare company that manufactures and supplies a broad range of medical equipment and a variety of innovative health, beauty and self-care products. Win Health is ISO 9001:2000 accredited and an approved supplier of medical devices and medical equipment to the NHS, social services, private healthcare, care homes and charities. Win Health’s key area of interest is wellbeing of older people, including injury prevention, incontinence and drug free pain relief.

We endeavour to provide ‘value for money’ by offering good service and quality products at affordable prices. We offer volume discounts to care homes.

Our portfolio includes the following products:

  • HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors
  • DermaSaver Pressure Relieving Fragile Skin Protectors
  • FallSmart Bedside Mats
  • FibreFresh Continence Care Products, Waterproof Bedding and Adult Bibs
  • No Rinse Waterless Personal Hygiene Products and Hand Sanitisers
  • Water Soluble Laundry Bags

    HipSaver User Friendly Soft Hip Protectors

    HipSavers are innovative soft hip protector undergarments, designed to reduce impact related injuries in the elderly people with compromised bone strength (osteoporosis).

    Hip fracture is the most serious injury in the older people. Many people, who sustain hip fracture lose their independence or die. Currently there are well over 70 thousand of hip fractures per year in the United Kingdom and the numbers are predicted to grow.

    The effectiveness of external hip protectors has been widely researched and debated and it is well accepted that when worn, hip protectors can reduce the risk of fall related hip injuries.

    HipSaver hip protectors are available as all soft undergarments, long casuals and mid length pyjama pants.

    All HipSavers incorporate proven and patented soft protective pads that reduce the forces generated by falls to well below the fracture threshold, thus protecting the vulnerable trochanteric areas from the damaging effects of direct impact.

    HipSaver undergarments are made in several styles to meet the elderly patient needs (i.e. incontinence, compromised grip strength, backward falling), male/female versions and in 7 sizes. They are lightweight, comfortable, durable and affordable. All HipSavers are launderable at 950C and can be tumble dried at high temperatures as is required by institutional laundry and cross infection prevention regulations.

    A free educational DVD ‘Protecting people from the effects of falling’ is available on request to medical and care professionals. Call us on 01835 864866 for your free copy.

    DermaSaver Skin Protectors

    DermaSaver protectors protect fragile skin from damage caused by friction, rubbing, abrasion and pressure that leads to skin breakdowns, tears and splits. DermaSavers also help to heal existing skin tears and lacerations without restriction of bandages and dressings. DermaSavers are CE marked Class 1 Medical Devices.

    DermaSaver products are made from innovative breathable MicroSpring textile that replaces foam, gel and fleece. MicroSpring textile is soft, springy and breathable with ample ventilation reaching the skin at all times. It has superior moisture wicking properties that ensure the skin stays dry and cool at all times.

    DermaSaver Skin Protectors are garment-like and can be worn night and day. They are fully compatible with topical creams and ointments. Breathable and soft DermaSavers deliver complete protection without the drawbacks of bandages or dressings.

    DermaSavers are protected with Aegis Microbe Shield permanently bonded to the fibres, preventing bacterial and microbial growth. DermaSavers are washable at 950C and can be tumble dried at high temperature.

    DermaSaver range includes the following types of skin protectors for upper and lower limbs :

    1. Arm, Elbow and Forearm Protectors
    2. Finger Separators
    3. Leg, Shin and Knee Protectors
    4. Heel Protectors and Heel Elevators

    FallSmart Bedside Mats

    FallSmart Bedside Fall Mats can help to prevent injuries, when patients deliberately climb over bed rails or accidentally fall out or roll out of beds. When placed on the side of a bed, FallSmart bedside fall mats provide a soft and a ‘force attenuating’ surface that absorbs the impact of the fall.

    FallSmart bedside mats are made from a single layer of dense foam that is encapsulated in a soft PVC material. In house tests have shown that the FallSmart mats reduce fall force from 7000N to 1000N. The foam is sufficiently soft to protect patients from the effects of falling, but firm enough to support walking on the mats.

    FallSmart bedside mats are made in high visibility colours - yellow, cerise and lime green - and have specially tapered edges to minimise the risk of staff or patients tripping over the mats, while in use. Three fold for easy storage behind/below beds. Flame resistant foam and cover. Waterproof, fluid proof, stain resistant with crack and tear resistant surface. Hygienic ‘wipe and dry’ easy clean.

  • Dimensions: 180 cm long x 90 cm wide x 5 cm thick.
  • Dimensions when folded: 60 cm long x 90 cm wide x 15 cm thick. Weight: 9.5 kg. FallSmart Bedside Mats – a perfect way to improve standards of care in your care home.

    FibreFresh Continence Care Products

    BED and CHAIR PADS: FibreFresh washable bed and chair pads are made from the very best absorbent materials with integral waterproof lining and with the softest ‘stay dry’ surfaces that keeps the users dry and comfortable at all times. The pads are made in a variety of styles and sizes. FibreFresh products can be laundered many times over without the loss of absorbency or detriment to comfort.

    Waterproof Bedding

    FibreFresh Waterproof Beddings and Mattress Protectors are luxury products made in pure white from fluid proof polyester based fabric. All items are hypoallergenic and breathable, yet waterproof and flame retardant. They provide effective water and fluid protection, whilst are comfortable to sleep on without causing sweating.

    Net Fixation Pants

    The New Generation Stretch Fixation Net Pants unite wearability, reliability, discretion and comfort with a perfect fit. They hold pads and towels of all sizes securely in place.

    Adult Bibs

    We make the bibs in a variety pretty bright colours and in different patterns to increase their aesthetic appeal to the users and make them fun to wear. The bibs are unisex. Available as high absorbency or simple waterproof bibs with and/or without crumb catcher. Shoulder level Velcro type "hook and loop" fastening makes them suitable even for people with manual dexterity problems. Machine wash and tumble dry.

    All FibreFresh products are affordably priced. Volume discounts to care homes available on request.

    ‘No Rinse’ Waterless Hygiene Products

    ‘No Rinse’ products provide a comfortable ‘no water’ alternative to traditional bathing methods. 'No Rinse' products save time and risks associated with traditional bathing environment. ‘No Rinse’ products enable you to improve hygiene and raise standards of personal care. ‘No Rinse’ Hand Sanitizer is effective even against the feared MRSA!

    If you are a carer looking after ill, weak and frail people unable to enjoy a bath or a shower, consider the ‘No Rinse’ products! ‘No Rinse’ products will help you improve the standards of care and provide a healthy personal hygiene to all needy people in your care. Alternatively, if you are convalescing or not feeling strong enough to shower or bathe, No Rinse products will help you stay clean and fresh without effort or inconvenience.

    ‘No Rinse’ Personal Hygiene Products are available as bathing wipes, shampoo caps, hand santizers (pocket size and wall dispensers), shampoo & conditioner, body wash and body bath. ‘No Rinse’ Products are cost effective, practical and convenient to use!

    Water Soluble Laundry Bags

    The Water Soluble Laundry Bag is a convenient precaution tool that enables soiled linen handlers to isolate, store, transport and clean washable dirty items. The bags can be used as integral liners in collection containers or as independent storage bags for soiled or contaminated items (i.e. used continence pads and bed linen) prior to laundering, thus minimising the risk of cross contamination or direct exposure to waste materials or body fluids. Closed Laundry Bags can be placed directly into the washing machine. During washing, the water soluble transparent bags dissolve, releasing the contents into the wash.

    The Soluble Laundry Bags dissolve in warm water at 40 degrees C and over. They are made from a transparent 25 microns thick PVA film in natural transparent colour. Inexpensive chrome laundry bag stands are also available. Cost effective and hygienic way to deal with dirty laundry!

    Other Products

    Our portfolio also includes a selection of nebulisers for professional and home use, Tens machines, Acticare IC and Acticare TSE, biostimulation soft lasers for pain relief and wound care at home, neuromuscular stimulators, skincare, skin barrier lotions, portable pressure relief mattresses, wheelchair cushions, massage and therapy tables, inversion tables, MedicTag personal health information storage device for medical emergencies, ArmRx water protection sleeves and leggings and much more.

    PalmLaser ‘Home and Clinic’ Low Level Laser

    Low Level Laser Therapy at its Best

  • Accelerates Wound Healing
  • Relieves Chronic and Acute Pain
  • Reduces Inflammation and Swelling
  • Speeds Up Recovery from Injuries
  • Perfect for Activity Related and Sports Injuries
  • Eradicates Skin Problems
  • Helps to Heal Persistent Ulcers and Sores
  • Regenerates and Rejuvenates
  • Improves Quality of Life

    Treat your pain with PalmLaser today!

    PalmLaser is a non invasive low level laser for home and clinic use. PalmLaser is effective, safe, portable and user friendly. PalmLaser’s therapeutic light beam penetrates tissues up to 60 mm deep! Treatments with PalmLaser are safe with no known side effects. You can use PalmLaser as a stand alone treatment modality or alongside other conventional therapies. PalmLaser is affordably priced. Interest free terms with try before you buy option available.

    PalmLaser is portable, safe and easy to use by anyone, anytime and anywhere! PalmLaser is perfect for self treatment at home!

    PalmLaser features two independent lasers in one handset working together in synergy: InGaAlP 650 nm red laser and GaAlAs 785 nm infrared laser at 100 mW total power output. PalmLaser is powered by rechargeable integral battery pack. 24 months warranty. Class 1M Laser. Class 2a Medical Device.

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