Woodlarks Camp Site Trust

  Woodlarks Camp Site Trust
Address: Kathleen Marshall House Woodlarks Tilford Road
GU10 3RN
Tel:01252 716279
Web Site:www.woodlarks.org.uk

Situated in twelve acres of beautiful countryside, Woodlarks Camp Site enables children and adults with disabilities to enjoy a host of activities they may never have thought possible. Woodlarks camps can be as tranquil or as adventurous as you want them to be; whatever kind of experience you are look for, Woodlarks can make it happen

What is Woodlarks?

Woodlarks was established in 1930 and over the last 70 years has provided accessible camping for people with all kinds of disabilities. Children and adults alike come to Woodlarks to experience new things, and leave often having exceeded their own expectations. Here people discover unknown skills and abilities, have adventures and make new friends in an environment designed to meet their individual needs.

Woodlarks People

Each camp is organised by an experienced leader with the help of a team of committed and enthusiastic volunteers. everyone who needs care or assistance has their own helper to support them through their holidays. some helpers come from the Guide and Scout movements, and many students choose to spend part of their summer vacation at Woodlarks, going on to return time and again saying that camp is one of the most fun and rewarding weeks of the year.

Woodlarks Summer Camps

The week-long camps start in early May and run until the end of September. Most people sleep in tents but those unable to sleep under canvas there is indoor accommodation. Bathrooms, showers and toilets are easily accessible to wheelchair users.

Your are not going to go hungary at Woodlarks either - the cookhouse has a wood-burning range and oven, and that is situated next to a well-equipped preparation area. There is also a laundry with commercial washing machine and drier.

Woodlark Activities

So what can you get up to at Woodlarks? With so many activities you are sure to find something that suits you - and some things that might stretch you too! The more adventurous will love the thrills of the aerial runway that hangs amongst the tree-tops across the valley. The specially designed safety seat makes sure that you will enjoy the ride of your life knowing that you will make it to the other side.

Those interested in calmer pursuits can take advantage of the heated outdoor swimming pool located in secluded woodland and supervised by lifeguards. Then there is the change to try some sports and activites that you may never have tried before such as:

  • Archery
  • Net Ball
  • Woodland picnics
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Cricket
  • Rounders
  • Nature Rambles
  • Camp fires

    Once the sun has gone down there is time for a good old fashioned camp-fire sing-a-long or even a disco. Some camps also organise a special sports day, a swimming gala or trips into Fleet to use the rowing boats, canoes and a canal boat. You will be sensitively supported in all the activities, so that you have fun and maintain a sense of independence.

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