Birmingham - Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses

 Birmingham -  Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses
Address: Westbourne Road Edgbaston
B15 3TR
Tel:0121 454 1860

Excellent wheelchair access throughout the Gardens and Glasshouses

  • Telephone for large print or tape guide available in advance.
  • Free loan of manual and electric wheelchair (pre-booking preferred)

    The Birmingham Botanical Gardens were opened in 1832. They were designed by J. C. Loudon, a leading garden planner, horticultural journalist and publisher.

    Today the gardens offer a superb opportunity for recreation and relaxation close to the centre of Birmingham. With our excellent visitor facilities, we hope you will visit us soon.

    Main Lawn and BandstandThe Cottage and Garden


  • 15 acres of Ornamental Gardens, Sculpture Trail, Formal Terrace
  • Rhododendron Garden, Rock Garden & waterfall, Alpine Yard
  • Herbaceous Border, Historic Gardens, Herb & Cottage Gardens
  • Cottage Museum, Demonstration Area

    The Botanical Gardens house the National Bonsai Collection. There are exotic birds in indoor and outdoor aviaries including rare breeds of domestic and European waterfowl.

    A childrens Adventure Playground and Childrens Discovery Garden and Bandstand Bands which play every Sunday afternoon during the Summer.

    The Shop at The Gardens and Plant Centre offer an attractive range of gifts, stationary, garden requirements and both indoor and outdoor plants.

    In the Gallery there are monthly exhibitions of paintings and drawings - many being available for sale. Enjoy morning coffee, light lunches or afternoon tea in the Pavilion which has a panoramic view of the gardens.

    SubtropicalHouseThe Tropical House


    Tropical House - 24ft lily pond, Rain forest vegetation, Economic plants including Coffee. Cocoa, Bananas, pineapple, and Sugar Cane.

    Subtropical House Tree ferns, cycads, Orchids and insectivorous plants.

    Mediterranean House Citrus fruits of all shapes and sizes, seasonal ornamental displays.

    Arid House Recreation of the arid desert, collection of 'living stones'.

    Louden TerraceThe Study Center

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    Main entrance

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