Swimability - Northern Ireland

 Swimability - Northern Ireland

Tel:028 91816452
Fax: 07966012695

The aim of the club is to expand from a young Teaching Cub to a Club that also caters effectively for competitive swimmers, in a well structured enviornment outside of the Club.

This is a young progressive Club. The Club mainly deals with learning disabilities at the moment but has a growing physical disability contingent

All disabilities and age groups are welcomed. The Club is a Teaching Club but it also looking to expand as a competitive club.

At the minute there are very few structures as regards to governing bodies of swimming - disability - in Ireland and there are not many clubs either!

Through the Muckamore based club, plans are being made to explore these structures to seek improvement/promote and hopefully encourage more Disability Clubs in Ireland.

Location Muckamore Abbery Hospital Pool, Muckamore, Co Antrim

Time 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Dates Current Term - 22 September to 24 November 2005

Lessons 10 week block of half hour lessons

Further Information For additional information/details please contact: Lynda Groves

  • Tel: 028 91816452
  • Mobile: 07966012695

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