Stable Cottage

 Stable Cottage
Address: Kingfisher Barn Holiday Cottages Rye Farm
OX14 3NN
Tel:01235 537538
Fax:01235 537538

Stable Cottages has been designed specifically for wheelchair users, with all accommodation on the ground floor and wider doors for easy wheelchair access.

  • The cottage also have wheel-in shower areas; grab rails and sideway transfers to the toilet.
  • Most bedrooms and bathrooms have ceiling tracking for the use of a mobile hoist.
  • The kitchen has an adjustable hob and sink heights to allow wheelchair space underneath.
  • Hoists, slings, cot/bed sides, shower chairs and commodes are free of charge in every unit,
    but must be reserved when booking.

    The impressive Stable Cottage is the largest of our three self-catering units, and like Hazel Cottage it has also been designed for wheelchair users.

    Stable Cottage - Sleeps 6

    There is a wide and low-level front door that allows easy access, and all rooms are set on the ground floor. Once inside you’ll see a welcoming, open plan living and dining area complete with a large table for up to six guests. As with all of our self-catering units, Stable Cottage has a fitted kitchen with cooker, fridge/freezer and Microwave. This kitchen also has the added feature of a height-adjustable hob and sink, allowing a wheelchair to fit underneath.


    The cottage features two large bedrooms containing twin beds, and a smaller bedroom with bunk beds just off the living area. The larger bedroom at the rear has its own shower room, and is fitted with Wispa ceiling tracking for when the use of a hoist is required. The hoist and sling can be provided free of charge during your stay with us without charge, please let us know at the time of booking.


    Outside the Cottage is a private, walled patio area with outdoor seating providing a peaceful spot from which to enjoy the lovely surroundings.

    As with all our self-catering accommodation, you are also entitled to private and exclusive use of our swimming pool for one hour a day, every day, throughout your stay with us.

    SwimmingSwimming Pool

    This is a good-sized Cottage with easy access and also featuring dedicated equipment. It offers a wonderful space where family and friends can enjoy a holiday.

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