Health Insurance - WPA

 Health Insurance - WPA
Address: Rivergate House Blackbrook Park
Tel:01592 714679
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Mobile:07775 851107

Interested in quality private health insurance or dental cover?

Why choose WPA?

Not only have we listened to our customers and responded with affordable plans to suit individuals, the self-employed and companies, but our approach is refreshingly different.

  • WPA is a leading UK health insurer with a heritage of over 100 years
  • A not-for-profit organisation – our focus is on our customers
  • Voted No.1 for customer satisfaction since 1996
  • Winners of the British Insurance Awards for Best Customer Care 2005
  • At WPA, claims are processed within 7 working days, otherwise we pay customers a financial penalty
  • WPA have no Shareholders so aren’t subject to the short-term whims of the City so any surplus WPA makes from the business of health insurance is invested in the care of our customers.

    Our products

    At WPA you can tailor-make your own personal medical cover to suit both your budget and each individual family member.


    We offer preferential rates for the self-employed. Company plans?

  • Protect your employee's health by offering them a plan where you can tailor the benefits to suit each individual. Various add on options enhances the cover to suit the individual requirements, giving you complete control over the cost.
  • It doesn´t matter if your company has 3 employees, or 103, a package can be built to suit your company´s requirements.

    Dental cover

    Your teeth need to be looked after both for your health and your appearance. However, the rising cost of dental healthcare and the decline in availability of NHS dentistry is a concern to many. WPA has a dental plan that covers you whether your treatment is provided privately or by the NHS and is designed to provide cover for routine check ups, emergencies and injuries.

  • You can choose to be treated by any WPA recognised dentist (which covers over 99% of UK registered dentists, both NHS and private).
  • You will be accepted without an assessment as long as you have visited a UK dentist for treatment or a check-up within the last 18 months.

    For more information and to get an instant quote Click Here for further details or call your local advisor on Steve Jones on 07775 851107.

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