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They would come with there support worker but they would have to share a room, this helps keep the cost to the disabled person down, we would only charge for the disabled person and food for the support worker. So our plan was to make holidays for disabled persons more accessible

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For families they would nominate a family member to be the carer and we would negotiate the price for the rest of the family

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In Britain for someone with a learning difficulty to go on holiday they have to pay for themselves and the support worker also on some occasions they have to pay a fee to the support agency for the support workers absence. This therefore makes holidays for disabled persons very difficult and expensive. We have experience of this as our daughter has Downs Syndrome and used to live in her own home. It was always very difficult for my daughter to have a holiday because of the charge for the support worker.

We do realise there are criteria to be met but our house will never be able to be adapted for wheelchair users; therefore all persons would have to be mobile. The adaptation of the barn requires more money hence starting the project sooner.

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We both have daughters with a learning difficulty so between us we have 50 years experience, also Don used to run his own home for adults with a learning difficulty and I worked with adults with a learning difficulty before coming over to France so our experience in working and living with downs syndrome and people with a learning difficulty is quite extensive.

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