Age Concern

Address: Astral House 1268 London Road
SW16 4ER
Tel:0800 00 99 66

Our mission
Our mission is to promote the well-being of all older people and to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Values and principles underpin what we do, why we do it, and guide how we work to achieve our mission. Our underlying principles are:

  • Ageism is unacceptable: we are against all forms of unfair discrimination, and challenge unfair treatment on grounds of age
  • All people have the right to make decisions about their lives: we help older people to discover and exercise these rights
  • People less able to help themselves should be offered support: we seek to support older people to live their lives with dignity
  • Diversity is valued in all that we do: we recognise the diversity of older people and their different needs, choices, cultures and values
  • It is only through working together that we can use our local, regional and national presence to the greatest effect.

    Our work is also guided by a set of values:

  • Enabling: we enable older people to live independently and exercise choice
  • Influential: we draw strength from the voices of older people, and ensure that those voices are heard
  • Dynamic: we are innovative and driven by results and constantly deliver for older people.
  • Caring: we are passionate about what we do and care about each individual.
  • Expert: we are authoritative, trusted and quality-orientated

    Corporate priorities 2007 – 2010

  • Prevent poverty and maximize income in retirement
  • Promote age equality and enable older people to make full contributions to our economy, society and neighbourhoods.
  • Maximize healthy life expectancy and promote health, independence and wellbeing for all older people
  • Achieve greater social inclusion of the most disadvantaged older people and challenge the causes of exclusion
  • Achieve a step change in effectiveness and efficiency, in which a crucial element will be a greater focus on older people as customers and contributors to all that we do

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