Breast Cancer Care

 Breast Cancer Care

Tel:0808 800 6000

Our vision

Breast Cancer Care’s vision is that everyone affected by breast cancer will receive the highest standards of treatment, support and care.


Our mission is to make a significant and meaningful difference to the lives of people affected by breast cancer or with breast health concerns through the provisions of high quality, innovative, responsive services and by campaigning for excellence in breast cancer treatment and care.

What we do

Breast Cancer Care is the UK's leading provider of information, practical assistance and emotional support for anyone affected by breast cancer.

Every year we give direct support to over 22,000 people with breast cancer or breast health concerns through our helpline, peer support and other direct services.

In addition, we respond to two million requests for support and information about breast cancer or breast health concerns through our publications, website and outreach work.

All our services are free.

We are committed to campaigning for better treatment and support for people with breast cancer and their families.


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