Disability Sport Events

 Disability Sport Events
Address: Belle Vue Centre Pink Bank Lane
M12 5GL
Tel:0161 953 2499
Fax:0161 953 2420
Web Site:www.disabilitysport.org.uk/index.cfm

Disability Sport Events (DSE) creates opportunities for participation in sport for people with all impairments. We are the number one events agency, providing events in various sports.

Founded in 1961, our knowledge and experience is respected worldwide. This means, we welcome international sports people at some events in our established annual events programme.

DSE ensures that from grass roots level to international standard, disabled sportspeople can participate in sport. From beginners, who want to develop their talent, to top British disabled sports people, who get high competition at our events- we are actively increasing sporting prowess.

Our work begins with our network of clubs, schools and individuals who are the participants at DSE events. It is here that we can develop, support and encourage people to participate in a variety of sports and activities.


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