Arthritis Care

 Arthritis Care
Address: 18 Stephenson Way
Tel: 020 7380 6500

Arthritis Care is here for all people with all forms of arthritis. We represent people with arthritis and involve them in developing and delivering our services.

What we do

  • We provide clear and accurate information about arthritis. Our helplines team offers practical, confidential support backed up by a wealth of useful publications, including Arthritis News, our bi-monthly magazine
  • We run a range of self-management and personal development programmes, giving people the confidence and skills to manage their arthritis and dramatically improve their quality of life
  • We put people with arthritis in touch with each other through our network of around 350 branches and groups. We also have offices throughout the UK’s regions and nations
  • We campaign for greater awareness of the needs of everyone with arthritis, improved services and an end to discrimination
  • We run four accessible hotels
  • We work closely with health professionals and other arthritis organisations in the UK and internationally

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