Disabled People's Council

 Disabled People's Council
Address: Litchurch Plaza Litchurch Lane
DE24 8AA
Tel:01332 295551
Fax:01332 295580
Web Site:www.bcodp.org.uk/

The United Kingdom's Disabled People's Council (UKDPC) was set up by disabled people in 1981 to promote our full equality and participation within society. We are an umbrella organisation that represents some 80 organisations run and controlled by disabled people.

UKDPC is the only national umbrella organisation to be democratically set up by disabled people themselves to represent their interests at the national level.

We are seen as the disabled people's movement in Britain and we are recognised by the United Nations through our membership of the world disabled people's movement; Disabled Peoples' International (DPI).

UKDPC is extremely proactive as the national representative body for organisations controlled by disabled people. Through the promotion of the social model of disability, UKDPC has had a profound effect on the thinking on disability issues in the UK. We are active on a wide range of issues affecting disabled people, many of which can be read about here.


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