Spinal Injuries Association

 Spinal Injuries Association
Address: 2 Trueman Place Oldbrook
Milton Keynes
Tel:0845 678 6633
Fax:0845 070 6911
Web Site:www.spinal.co.uk/

Since its inception in the mid-70’s SIA has gone from strength to strength with each passing year. It has developed a wide range of vital services for those affected by SCI, both individuals and their families, and has seen its team grow from a small band of enthusiastic helpers to a professional and knowledgeable team. Finally, in 2005 SIA moved to its own purpose built headquarters in Milton Keynes, SIA House.

Membership of SIA is open to all, including those living overseas. We support our members from the moment they sustain an SCI and for the rest of their lives. The services that SIA provides encourage paralysed individuals to reach their full potential and lead full, independent lives.

SIA campaigns for improvements in medical and social care for all with SCI and works hard to raise awareness of the causes and consequences of such an injury.


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