British Polio Fellowship

 British Polio Fellowship
Address: Eagle Office Centre The Runway
South Ruislip, Middlesex
Tel:0800 018 0586
Fax:020 8842 0555

The Fellowship

The British Polio Fellowship is the largest charity supporting people with polio or Post Polio Syndrome in the UK. We were founded in 1939 by and for people with polio and continue to provide information and support to people with polio, their families and health care professionals. We were one of the first organisations of disabled people in the UK and have acted as a voice for people with polio for nearly 70 years.

The British Polio Fellowship provides a range of services including information and support through our information and welfare services, a network of local branches and groups across the UK, a holiday programme and accessible holiday bungalow, outreach, fundraising and campaigning. We have a membership of around 9000 people and publish a popular members magazine “The Bulletin” six times a year.

Information & Welfare

The British Polio Fellowship provides information and support through our professionally staffed Information Service, small grants programme, and development of our volunteer welfare network.


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