Thrive National Office

 Thrive National Office
Address: The Geoffrey Udall Centre Beech Hill Reading, Berkshire

Tel:0118 988 5688
Fax:0118 988 5677

Thrive is a charity, founded in 1978, that uses gardening to change lives.

Our activities are varied but focus on championing the benefits of gardening to individuals and organizations, as well as teaching techniques and practical applications so that anyone with a disability can take part and enjoy gardening. A research programme underpins Thrive’s work to provide evidence and improve understanding.

Gardening can help individuals accomplish many things. It can help rebuild a person’s strength after an accident or illness, and can provide a purposeful activity for someone coping with a difficult period in their life.

Our Vision

The benefits of gardening are known to, and can be accessed by, anyone with a disability.

Our Mission

To research, educate and promote the use and advantages of gardening for people with a disability.


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