The LinkUp CLub

 The LinkUp CLub
Address: c/o the Chester SDC, SCOPE Western Avenue Blacon


Our History

The Link Up group was formed in 1995 after clients of Scope from Chester and North Wales enjoyed a holiday spent together in Cornwall and decided to keep in touch once the holiday had finished.

At first the group was set up and supported by a Scope field worker based in North Wales who would organise social activities and then make arrangements for the group to meet up. The group wrote its own constitution and held regular meetings at the Chester Skills Development centre, a committee was voted in and the membership expanded.

The field worker left Scope in 2001 and staff at the SDC supported the group from then on as the vast majority of its members were based at the Scope day centre, this gave the membership an opportunity to become more involved in the running of the club and its development. In March 2002 the group applied to the Lottery Boards ' Awards for All' scheme for a grant of £4,564 to set up an office at the SDC. In November ' Awards for All' informed the group of the success of its application and work started On the office in early January and was completed by mid March.

The office is kitted out with 4 computers all connected to the internet and each member has his or her own private e-mail address. In March 2006 we received a second grant from ‘Awards for All’ to re-write our web site so that we could upload all of the web site content directly onto the web site itself without the need to employ a third party.


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