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Tamworth, Staffordshire
B77 4RP
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nasen is the leading organisation in the UK which aims to promote the education, training, advancement and development of all those with special and additional support needs. nasen reaches a huge readership through its journals: British Journal of Special Education, Support for Learning, new on-line publication Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs and the magazine Special.

nasen formerly the National Association for Special Educational Needs was formed in 1992 when the National Association for Remedial Education (NARE) amalgamated with the National Council for Special Education (NCSE). This followed a decision by the two organisations to create a single, powerful voice to promote equal opportunities for all learners.

NCSE had its roots in special schools and was created in 1973 when the Association for Special Education merged with the Guild of Teachers of Backward Children and the College of Special Education. NARE began in 1963 and was largely inspired by those working in the remedial services developed in the 1950s. Nasen now operates at many levels and is open to all those who wish to advance the education of those with special needs.


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