Different Strokes Central Services

 Different Strokes Central Services
Address: 9 Canon Harnett Court Wolverton Mill
Milton Keynes
MK12 5NF
Tel:0845 130 7172
Fax:01908 313501
Web Site:www.differentstrokes.co.uk/

Different Strokes is a registered charity providing a unique, free service to younger stroke survivors throughout the United Kingdom. Our services and the number of stroke survivors benefiting from them have grown dramatically since we were formed in 1996. We are run by stroke survivors for stroke survivors, for active self help and mutual support.

The Need

Stroke is the single largest cause of disability in the United Kingdom. 10, 000 people under the age of 55 suffer a stroke every year - 1,000 of these are under the age of 30.

Recovery and rehabilitation from stroke present particular challenges for the younger survivor. One day fit and well, the next moment disabled. The stroke survivor must come to terms with physical and emotional changes as well as significant lifestyle adjustments - mobility, job, income, dependence, relationships - everything changes.

With 75% of strokes affecting those aged over 65, current provision inevitably focuses attention on the older stroke survivor. The specific and complex needs of the younger and the more active stroke survivor have not received the full attention that they deserve.

Before Different Strokes, there was no single organisation able to provide the comprehensive support service that younger survivors need.


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