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Websites Created for less than One Hundred Pounds!

  • Includes:hosting,single web page, your logo,5 graphics,access package.

    Software Foundation design quality web sites which address specific goals. For example, you might want your site to market your business on-line. We develop web sites that load quickly and are visible on a wide range of systems. This ensures you get the maximum return on your investment in us.

    A wide range of web sites using our own Content Management System, some with 10,000+ stories, links, company details, contacts all running on our servers.

    Easy upload of stories and pictures and automatic thumbnail generation to make it easy for you.

    Finding your current server is too costly or restrictive Transfer your web site to our server, we will do the hard work and transfer the site across for you- save money.

    For example:

  • Web Site + 6 pages for One Hundred and Fifty Pounds

    Contact us for further details.

    Eazy Site

    We decided that we needed to develop website management tools to allow customers to be able to update their own web site as and when they want. Now you have the facilities to simply amend or add new information to your own web site.

    Eazy-Site can make your site update so much easier. So if you need an ecommerce web site, have a lot of contributors or one that requires a lot of information then choose Eazy-Site. Photographic content, then why not make your life easy and save time Automatic copyright messages added to each photo as they are uploaded.

    Online access to your email. Access your email online using http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail and enter your username and password. Send and receive your emails while away from home or office. This facility is Free to use when you have your web site hosted on our server.

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