Epilepsy Scotland

 Epilepsy Scotland
Address: 48 Govan Road
G51 1JL
Tel:0141 427 4911
Fax:0141 419 1709
Mobile:07841 641 625
Web Site:www.epilepsyscotland.org.uk

Nearly 40,000 people living in Scotland have epilepsy. Children and older people are most at risk of developing this common serious neurological condition but anyone can develop epilepsy at any time – and 8 people a day in Scotland do. We want to make sure the needs of people with epilepsy are met. This is why we campaign for improved healthcare, better information provision and an end to stigma. In April 2008 Enlighten - Tackling Epilepsy merged with Epilepsy Scotland.

Epilepsy Scotland works with people affected by epilepsy to ensure that their voice is heard.

Epilepsy Scotland involves people affected by epilepsy in raising awareness of epilepsy issues and works to ensure that services are developed to meet their varied needs.

Our beliefs

Epilepsy Scotland believes that people affected by epilepsy have a right to

  • Determine their own way of life
  • Be free from stigma and discrimination
  • Be valued and included in society
  • Have access to high quality medical, social,
  • educational, support and information services

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