Epilepsy Alarm Information

 Epilepsy Alarm Information
Address: Epilepsy Scotland 48 Govan Road
G51 1JL
Tel:0141 427 4911
Web Site:www.epilepsyscotland.org.uk/index.php

Various alarms are available to suit different types of seizures. These include bed alarms and fall alarms.

These alarms may be connected to an existing community care alarm. They can also dial a telephone number when the alarm is triggered. It is important to decide which type of alarm would suit you best. An occupational therapist, epilepsy fieldworker or epilepsy specialist nurse can advise you.

The alarms may be provided by an occupational therapist at your local social work department or by a local housing association. Often people pay for their own alarms. There may be grants available to help with the cost.

Information on grants is available from the Epilepsy Scotland helpline on 0808 800 2200. The ‘Muir Maxwell Trust’ supply alarm and safety equipment to children. Their telephone number is: 0131 454 0606. You can also hire the alarms.

The different types of alarms include

  • Active alarms where you push a button. These alarms are useful if you are aware you are about to have a seizure.
  • Passive alarms include:
  • Bed monitors that detect movement, sound and moisture. These alarms can detect movement if you have a seizure at night, if you suddenly stop breathing or cry out, or if you wet the bed.
  • Fall alarms can detect when you fall down.

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