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 Israel -Keli Tours
Address: Tourism for People with Special Needs
Ra'anana, Israel

Shalom From Israel;

Tours and holidays are generally geared to look after the needs of the general population. However, there are people who are differently able who have special needs whom also long for travel, pilgrimage, holiday or a vacation.

We are proud to present you "Tourism for People with Special Needs" at Keli Tours managed by Eli Meiri - who have 15 years of experience in rehabilitation and developing services for people with disabilities.

Since we are based in Israel and are in control of the logistics needed to conduct tours here, we are offering the following "special tours" in Israel.

The "Tourism for People with Special Needs" department's responsibility is to become associated with different service providers geared to people with specific disabilities, for example:
Tailor - made Group and Individuals excursion;
Transportation from and to the airports and seaports;
One day tour - or more;
Special Bar Mitzvah Tours and events for families of people with disabilities;
Special Tours for people that are visually and hearing challenged.
Accessible lodging - accessible apartments allover the country;
Accessible Car and van for rent;
Wheelchairs, Scooters and other equipment for rent;
Air-conditioned luxury transportation with lift and tie downs;
Individual assistance services by trained, skilled and professional personnel;
Medical assistance: e.g. Dialysis centers, dietary needs etc.
Visits to Israeli centers of interest for assistance equipment pertaining to people with disabilities. Tours may include equipment manufacturing plants;
Special healing treatments. Mineral Spas and mud treatments at the Dead Sea.
Sea and Sun in Eilat - including scuba diving and swimming with Dolphins activities.
Historical and religious sightseeing tours.

Please contact us directly for more information. Cordially yours, Eli Meiri Tourism for People with Special Needs.


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