NewLink Project Ltd

 NewLink Project Ltd
Address: Unit 3 Lenton Business Centre Lenton Boulevard
Tel:01159 424761
Fax:01522 595536

About NewLink

NewLink Project Ltd is a charity (Reg. no.1020713), based in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom, which is constituted as a company limited by guarantee(no. 2795217). We are devoted to the development of high quality IT education and training for people with a disability.

NewLink Project Ltd is a member-led organisation, governed by a Board of Trustees (which is itself made up of a majority of people with a disability), managed by the Chief Executive with the support of locally based co-ordinators.

What We Do

NewLink Project Ltd works closely with a number of organisations to provide its programme of courses. These include four local authorities (Derbyshire County Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council); numerous organisations in Europe through links that have been established by a local partner company. All of the NewLink centres are now very well-equipped as a result of substantial grants from the National Lottery.

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