Address: 15 Orchard Lane East Molesey
Tel:0208 398 3265
Fax:0208 398 3265
Web Site:www.maltron.com

At this address we make the fully ergonomic Maltron keyboards, two handed, left and right single handed, one for head or mouth stick or single finger use and an expanded keyboard with recessed keys for helping in cases of spasticity.

The two handed keyboard is effective in reducing the strains causing keyboard RSI problems. So much so that we have had the pleasure of getting hundreds of sufferers back to work by using it.

Leaflets and other supporting information are readily available, so please phone, fax or send an email if you wish to receive them.

We also sell the Sicos and Dolphin types of ergonomic mouse and a version of the keyboard with a built-in trackball. These have been able to clear mouse type RSI in many cases.

The Company was formed in 1977 to make fully ergonomic keyboards and has been doing so ever since. Our success in so many RSI recovery cases confirms our claim to lead the world in ergonomic keyboard design.



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