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 Keytools Ltd
Address: 4-5 Carlton Commerce Centre Dukes Road
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Keytools Ltd is a commercial organisation established in 1989, with the objective of: “Providing effective special needs access equipment for computer users in education, leisure, work, therapy and communication”.

This objective is achieved by continuously sourcing and making available, innovative products that resolve computer access problems. People who are challenged by some degree of cognitive, sensory or motor difficulty are thus assisted in the achievement of their goals. Essentially Keytools is a specialist distribution business with a significant add value element.

We are active members of a large range of special interest groups including; · The RSI Association · The British Computer Society Disability Group (committee members) · The National Tremor Foundation · Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals · Federation of Small Businesses

2. People: There are 20 employees working in the business. Like most small organisations, staff are able to help out in whichever department needs extra resources at any given time. The company includes specialised skills in technical occupational therapy and needs assessment.

A fundamental strength of the company is a high level of customer care. There are additional core competencies in identifying products and solutions to meet developing needs and markets.

3. Customers / Markets: Clients include Charities, Health Authorities, Hospitals, Special Schools, Government organisations, Residential Homes, Institutions, and Employers. In addition, a large number of clients are served on an individual basis. In short; anyone who finds the standard user interface a barrier to use of a computer will find their needs met at Keytools.
Clients provided for include: all age ranges - from first use of a computer and very much including “Silver Surfers”; all physical needs, including blind, partially-sighted, muscular/motor control; learning abilities with and without Dyslexia or cognitive dysfunction. Market channels are both direct to businesses and end users, and through a reseller network in the UK and many European Countries. During the last year there has been considerable investment in developing web based sales and information facilities.,,

4. Add Value Services: Keytools provides a client assessment and user-familiarisation service. Also available is a training function for care-workers, and other client-facing teams. Keytools provides direct technical support for the range of special needs equipment and software supplied at the equipment specification stage (for new systems). In addition, the technical support team are called on and provide assistance with special needs enhancements and add-ons required for legacy equipment.

5. Products:
Can be defined by two principle categories.

Interface equipment: · Keyboards and keyboard substitutes (may include software solutions) · Mice and alternative rodents (may include software solutions) · Other access devices (switches, touch screens, lasers, etc)

Application area: · Sensory impairment · Motor impairment · Learning difficulty · Usage purpose (education, communication, etc)


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