St Jame's Club

 St Jame's Club


  • Ramps contructed at reception area and other strategic areas around the grounds.
  • Bathroom designed with hand rails - doors contructed to allow access by wheelchair - crutches.

    15 miles from airport. 12 miles from St John's. Nestled amid 100 acres on a private peninsula at Mamora Bay, this 178 room resort is renowned as one of Antigua's finest, offering guests a wide range of luxurious guest rooms and villas, deluxe amenities and a wide range of services, 2 beaches, 3 swimming pools, casino, watersports, dive shop, boat charters, 3 restaurants, 5 bars, championship tennis, marina and yacht club.

    For further information/advice please contact the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office on 0171 486 7073/5 OR Fax 0171 486 1466

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