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3tfm Community Radio for Health

The idea of a Careers Show on Community Radio was conceived during April 2006 when a local steering group. Chaired by Jim McHarg of Community Learning & Development set up a radio station called GVFM (Garnock Valley FM).

This group had been granted a four week broadcasting license and my idea was to take careers information into a new medium and this provided the ideal opportunity to experiment.

The initial concept I had was a show to highlight various careers interspersed with music and local information and the four week run of the show proved very successful. GVFM was later granted a further four week license and from there the show grew from strength to strength.

Active Mobility

Active Mobility - Suppliers of Disabled and Mobility Equipment for a More Active Life. Our friendly staff are here to help you. Here at the Active Mobility Centre we offer a wide range of products, from walking sticks, to wheelchairs and scooters.
A selection of our products are now available to view and order through our Active Mobility Equipment Shop. We are pleased to announce that we can now also offer many of our products on Finance.


Supplying computer hardware and software for people who have:

Mobility problems
Visual impairment
Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
Learning difficulties
Other special needs

In addition we have a special Kids Corner with products designed to help children of all ages with special needs.

Arelle Products Ltd

Catalogue for Incontinence
A new and comprehensive range of products for men and women. We have worked in this area of health care for over 15 years and have selected briefs, pads and accessories to help 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men continue with a normal life.

Shown below is just a sample of the products available:

Briefs. Our briefs are made from a fine cotton/lycra with high quality elastics and trimmings for comfort and durability. The briefs have a sewn in absorbent gusset that will absorb as much as a disposable pad for light incontinence. No need for disposable pads. We have designed and made four styles with absorbent material that does not move around and so is ideal fo the more active and for sportswear. The briefs are dignified and comfortable. They are easy to wash and are therefore both economical and better for the environment. Arelle Legged Ladies Brief and the Arelle Male Brief have a sporty style with legs and a suspended pad that provides an extremely snug fit - exclusive to this range.

Pads. In our carefully selected range of pads we are sure you will find those suited to your own requirements. All the pads are highly absorbent and we are confident that you will be satisfied with their effectiveness. Pads need to fit comfortably and close to the body and so we recommend you select a brief from our section on Stretch Briefs. A pad fitted correctly works better, so you need fewer. We suggest you select our Economy Stretch Pants or Abri Leaf Stretch Pant to hold the waterproof backed disposable pads in place.
� 9 varieties, all high quality � Wide choice to satisfy all requirements � For both day & night use

Bathing/Toilet Accessories. This is a strong lightweight bath seat for those who have difficulty rising or lowering into the bath. Large specially designed seating area has cut away for personal cleaning and is lightly textured to prevent slipping. Fixes to the bath with four large suckers.

Bed/Seat Protection. Washable bed pads are popular because they are a dignified way of providing protection at night. Just lay the Bed Pad on top of the sheet. It is highly absorbent with a waterproof backing. the Arelle Bed Pad can be used without any disposable pad in order to allow the skin to breath. Similarly, the Arelle Seat Pads discretely protect furniture. All the Arelle Bed and Seat Pads are suitable for light/moderate incontinence and can be washed in a domestic wshing machine. Take advantage of our special offer and buy a pack of three - one in use, one in the wash and one in reserve.

Norfolk Essential Oils. Norfolk Essential Oils is a company set up by a co-operative of farmers in Norfolk. They grow and distil the Lavender and English Chamomile that is included in our collection. For the Arelle Catalogue NEO has also mixed the Sandalwood and Bergamot products.
The oils are used in dealing with a range of ailments that are the result of urinary tract infections; menstruation; the menopause and just everyday stress. You can enjoy the distinctive characters of the 4 oils in 3 ways.
The Foam Bath Oils. Create a wonderful relaxing bath. The effects are not oily as we have blended the mixture into luxurious foam bath mixtures.
The Shower Gels provide an alternative way to benefit from the fragrances and effects of the oils.
The Moisturisers are suitable for hand or body. They are not oily but soothe and give the skin protection often needed during the day.

All our products are available on this website and can be purchased using credit or direct debit cards.

We offer quick delivery and regular special offers on selected products.

You might prefer to have a copy of our free catalogue.
Just call us on Freephone: 0800 389 3597 and we will send you a copy.

The catalogue offers advice and information regarding all aspects of continence care.

ASLdeafined, LLC

Every person in every walk of life has the need to know some sign language, even if you are not going to use that skill on a daily basis. For example, doctors, nurses, teachers, law enforcement, retail workers, and government employees are constantly frustrated with their inability to communicate with those who cannot hear because of their lack of sign language.

Your skills in signing will increase your ability to communicate with a class of people that you can no longer afford to ignore. Police officers, retailers, and all aspects of society need to reach out to those who are deaf, to better serve the entire community, and not just certain parts of it.


Taking a Step Forward

One day after a frustrating trip to West End London I told my boyfriend Pete that I wanted to help fellow disabled people like myself. While in London I realised that the world was built for able-bodied people. So how do disabled people cope in an able-bodied world? We don�t, we put up with it! This is where A Step Forward was born.

Asylum Online (Mental Health)

The premier purveyor of mental health service information and creativity to western Surrey, north east Hampshire, the rest of the United Kingdom and beyond, Asylum Publications is an independent mental health organisation, based in Guildford, Surrey (UK)

Autumn (UK) Limited

Autumn (UK) Limited has been catering for the special needs of elderly and disabled people for many years, specialising in the design and manufacturing of shower trays, screens and cubicles. In addition, Autumn Mobility also supplies a variety of shower seats, safety handrails and access facilities to meet the ever- changing needs of the less able.

Suitable for use in domestic, Local Authority and Nursing Home properties, Autumn Mobility products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Designed for ease of use, our bathroom products offer greater independence and privacy for the user.

Our Royton Whale Automatic Waste Water Pump system enables shower trays to be installed almost anywhere in a building.

Back Care Beds

Back Care Beds is a part of High & Dry Manufacturing also manufacturing waterbeds for the domestic and medical market. Back Care Beds is a customer focused, bed manufacturer that has been selling adjustable beds to shops throughout the country, for the last twenty years. Visit our Bed Blog

The shop in Elm Grove was originally intended as a trade showroom, but due to popular demand, the company have branched out to also supply to the public. Back Care Beds are renowned for their low factory prices and their top quality products. Find out more at our Adjustable Bed Blog

Battery Direct

Battery Direct is an online battery shop to fulfill you battery needs. We offer you, the customer, a huge range of batteries from Automotive & Car batteries, to Consumer batteries. Golf batteries to Mobility batteries.

Our Aim

All orders are dealt with daily and we aim to deliver our batteries by the next working day for all orders placed before 3pm. For larger orders, or orders placed after this time, delivery is 2-3 working days. However due to the different types of batteries (Sealed and non-sealed), and the different weights and sizes, delivery cost will vary.


Whenever a person or family is suddenly confronted with the world-changing experience of a catastrophic spinal cord injury or brain injury, there are a host of questions but seemingly few solid answers. These questions involve a wide spectrum of issues: health, rehabilitation, hope for recovery, current research, financial, legal, and the list goes on.

Medical providers are often reluctant to give too much information based upon a legitimate concern of giving false hope. Providers are also pressed for time, making it logistically difficult for them to spend time with a new brain injury or spinal cord injury survivors and their families answering questions in detail. Moreover, there are many questions that doctors and their staff are unable to answer, including questions about pressing financial and legal issues. Support groups, government resources, and other sources of potential assistance are also difficult or impossible to easily identify.


We are a national children`s charity with 26 years experience of working with children, from 6 months to 12 years, who have a brain injury, chromosome or genetic condition resulting in disability, and developmental delay.

Families contact one of our centres in Somerset or Essex looking for help and support in helping their child/ren to meet its/their potential. A team of therapists (physio, OT, developmental and cognitive) assess each child individually and design a programme of exercises for the family to do at home. The programme takes about 30 mins per day and should be done at least 5 times per week.

China - Qingdao Disabled Persons Federation

Our organization is under the leadership of Qingdao Government and we have the same organizations in all the districts and cities belong to Qingdao.

Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city and is vice-provincial level city. There are about 420,000 disabled persons and occupied 5.6% of the total population of Qingdao.

We hope to develop the friendship and establish the exchanges and relationships between organizations and learn from each other in the future.

Connect2u Disability Forum

Initially designed for people living in Surrey and surrounding areas, the site is regularly used by people throughout the U.K.

Connect2u offers a range of information which is accessible through the links at the top of each page.

Connect2u was also created to provide a platform for people to share experiences and views (by sending in messages and articles), to help and support each other, and to provide a contact point.


Cosyfeet is a mail order company specialising in extra roomy footwear, socks and hosiery for swollen feet and legs.

Shop or request a catalogue online at www.cosyfeet.com. On our web-site you will find shoes, sandals, slippers, specialist socks and hosiery for swollen feet. You will also find a wide range of products to help with foot problems caused by conditions such as swelling, diabetes, oedema, arthritis and lymphoedema.


Dis-ability.info is a recently launched major new information resource for the UK Disabled Community.


Dis:Course is a project supporting groups concerned with disability and long-term health issues in Bracknell and the surrounding area. It will also provide an information service to disabled people, their families and carers.

Disability Equality and Diversity Training

Equality Link Consultancy is a leading edge company specialising in disability equality and diversity training in the work place. We provide bespoke training, consultancy and auxiliary services to ensure that your service meets its legislative requirements and deliver service excellence at all levels.

Disability Matters Ltd

Disability Matters Ltd is a commercial consultancy based in the United Kingdom but operating globally

Epilepsy Scotland

Nearly 40,000 people living in Scotland have epilepsy. Children and older people are most at risk of developing this common serious neurological condition but anyone can develop epilepsy at any time – and 8 people a day in Scotland do. We want to make sure the needs of people with epilepsy are met. This is why we campaign for improved healthcare, better information provision and an end to stigma. In April 2008 Enlighten - Tackling Epilepsy merged with Epilepsy Scotland.

Epilepsy Scotland works with people affected by epilepsy to ensure that their voice is heard.

Epilepsy Scotland involves people affected by epilepsy in raising awareness of epilepsy issues and works to ensure that services are developed to meet their varied needs.

GB Job Guide

UK job site that focuses on employment vacancies for the United Kingdom

Help My Mobility

A website that provides information on mobility products and equipment.

Whether you are shopping or browsing, the HMB website will assist in the decision process by providing facts and information on the various mobility equipment and products for seniors. HMB can put you in contact with reputable mobility companies to help you find the product you are looking for.

Home Supplies Direct

Welcome to Home Supplies for quality products.
We have a wide range of disability aids/products on offer:

You can order by mail, online or by phone.

Maltron Keyboards

Welcome to the MALTRON KEYBOARDS website. Here you can find out about our revolutionary keyboard range that enables RSI sufferers and people with special needs to use computers without strain or injury

S G & P Payne

We are proud of our reputation and have over 30 years experience in patient care, dealing with "Urology" and "Ostomy" - Specialising in "The Management of Urinary Incontinence". Knowledgeable in design and in manufacturing methods and are able to offer a wide range of products and offer free personal, confidential and impartial advice on both these subjects, when required.

Established in 1978. S.G. & P Payne is a family run business and operates from its own premises in Hyde, Cheshire. Is a Member of, and conforms to, the British Healthcare Trades Association (B.H.T.A.) code of practice. "QUALITY" has always been a key word for both product and service and we take pride in giving both.

Social Space

Social Space is a disability chat forum

We are a community of disabled people & carers who just want to chat and have fun with others.

We have many pages of information on health and disability related subjects from coughes and colds to disability benefits. Also our members have setup there own Social Groups.

Please leave your wheelchairs, frames, support dogs, crutches, gizmos and what nots at the door as we are all about FUN at Social Space and we DO NOT focus on the disabilities but rather the abilities!

Spinal Injuries Association

We are the national organisation of spinal cord injured people. We represent all their interests regardless of how the impairment occurred, whether or not it has resulted in full or partial paralysis. We support all those who are affected by spinal cord injury, including the family and friends of the disabled person. Our purpose is to promote the integration and full participation in society of our members, by encouraging and enabling them to become fulfilled and in control of their lives.

Stairlifts Comparison

Welcome to Stairlifts Comparison. Compare suppliers for domestic or home stair lifts for sale.

Please find below a list of key UK stairlift suppliers and companies

The Afiya Trust

Excellent resource for the ethnic minority The Afiya Trust is a national charity based in London. It is the home of projects that involve carers support, multi-lingual information for families people living with cancer, community building and mental health

The Disabled Workers Co-operative

Our aim is to promote the skills, services and products offered by disabled workers by creating a searchable (by anyone looking for whatever they need) database of these skills and services.

The Force Ten Company Ltd

The Force Ten Company Ltd is one of the UK�s leading suppliers of technology to assist vision and hearing impaired people with their daily lives.

The Mobility Market Ltd

The Mobility Market is a low-cost, effective way for private individuals to dispose of their unwanted/surplus/used mobility aids to other members of the public.

The Rowan Organisation

The Rowan Organisation is an organisation of disabled people which provides disabled people with access to information, services and resources in order to increase their opportunity for independence and enable them to make informed choices about their future. This site provides information about the services we provide together with links to other resources which disabled people may find useful. Please take this opportunity to explore our site but if you have any queries or require information not provided here then why not contact us directly.

Total Access Properties - Algarve, Portugal

Have you ever thought about buying a holiday home in the sun but dread the thought of having to deal with Real Estate agents that baldly promise full access, but when you get there it’s a nightmare?

Even after very clearly explaining your needs for access and suitable support facilities, you still end up being taken to properties that a mother with pushchair would have trouble getting about in!


Trailblazers is a nationwide organisation of young disabled and non-disabled campaigners. We want people aged 16-30 to join the fight to improve services for people living with muscle disease.

Tropicare - Providing Medical Treatment

Want to combine a day`s minor treatment with a week`s holiday? Fancy heading for the sun but need regular medical or nursing care?
  • NHS waiting lists too long?
  • Dreading that next care bill?
  • Last care experience a nightmare?
  • Frightened of MRSA in hospitals and care homes?
  • Dreading a freezing winter hoping the home help will always arrive?

    Mike Page, a British Registered Nurse, Lesley Sanchez, Agadir`s Honorary British Consul, and Dr Chliyah, Agadir Clinic`s Senior Consultant and Manager, are now working together, and with travel services, to bring YOU the best of care and treatment.

    USA - Amputee Online Resources

    The Amputee Listserv fosters communication between amputees, prosthetists, family members, children etc. (the goals of the Amputee WEB Site and the listserv are basically the same).

    USA - Family Friendly Fun and Special Needs

    Resources to enhance the quality and enjoyment of family life with special needs.

    USA - Family Village

    We are a global community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with cognitive and other disabilities, for their families, and for those that provide them services and support.

    USA - Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center

    The Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center, established in January 1994, serves as the statewide clearing house of SCI resource information for persons who have survived spinal cord injury, their families and friends, health care professionals, support groups, the media, and the general public. The purposes in operating this Resource Center are stated in the following list explaining the benefits to SCI survivors and their families

    USA - Freewheeling Fashions

    Freewheeling Fashions was born when my mother had to be in a wheelchair all the time. Osteoporosis had taken its toll, as had the years, and she was very frail. No longer able to dress herself, my mother started wearing smocks, which were the easiest items for the aides to put on her. Though they lacked the style of the smart suits and dresses she had worn all her life, there seemed to be no alternative. The fashionable wardrobe of which she had been so proud was relegated to the giveaway.

    USA - Global Dialysis

    Global Dialysis has been created as a resource for dialysis patients who want to travel or holiday nationally and internationally.

    USA - InjuredBiker - Support For Downed & Disabled Riders

    A Support, Rehabilitation Assistance, Recovery Resource, & FUN site for vctims of serious road trauma, and their friends.


    WAACIS is a Charity that helps disabled people by providing computer training on how to use the Internet in their own homes at an affordable cost.

    Warm & Well (Woolana)

    Natural thermal warmth, comfort and pain relief for the Elderly, Disabled, Injured, Babies and Pets.

    The pictures illustrate a "sample" of the 50 different products which are available in addition we also have a special made to measure service for people with special needs.

    Win Health

    Win Health Quality and Value in Healthcare

    Win Health is a Scottish healthcare manufacturer and a supplier of innovative products and medical devices relevant to health, self-care, life long independence and wellbeing. We supply the NHS, private care sector, charities and individual customers living in their own dwellings.

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