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3tfm Community Radio for Health

The idea of a Careers Show on Community Radio was conceived during April 2006 when a local steering group. Chaired by Jim McHarg of Community Learning & Development set up a radio station called GVFM (Garnock Valley FM).

This group had been granted a four week broadcasting license and my idea was to take careers information into a new medium and this provided the ideal opportunity to experiment.

The initial concept I had was a show to highlight various careers interspersed with music and local information and the four week run of the show proved very successful. GVFM was later granted a further four week license and from there the show grew from strength to strength.

ABA Materials

Software to teach children with learning delays and difficulties
Children with learning challenges can benefit enormously from a home computer. However, there are six common mistakes their parents make when selecting computer software to teach them.

ABLE Community Care

Providers of long term, live-in care schemes throughout the U. K.

Able Living

Able Living Ltd supply a wide range of disability equipment and aids for daily living. We have a wide variety of products, which we feel will help keep people as active as possible in all aspects of their daily lives. We also have a mail order catalogue available which contains selected items that have all been approved by therapists from Health and Local Authorities. Due to the extremely wide variety of equipment available we can only show a small range in this catalogue. However, we also have a database of over 16,000 products.


A new web site that deals purely with disability and health matters has been created by a group of disabled professionals

Many painstaking hours have been put into creating one of the UKs most comprehensive disability and health resource sites available on the net. Those responsible range from solicitors, accountants and disabled DDA auditors, they all have two things in common. One: disability and two: all have suffered the frustration of searching the internet and finding it very much hit and miss throwing up everything other than was actually being searched for.

Abletogo - Accommodation Site

The only interactive website that enables disabled and elderly people to search for hotels, guesthouses and self-catering accommodation and list them in an order that best-fits their specific needs.

Accessible Cyprus

Making Cyprus Accessible

Oberon Explorations aims to provide everything for the disabled visitor to Cyprus to ensure a fulfilling and carefree stay on our lovely island. Our services include: accessible accommodation, tours and transfers, equipment hire and care.

Our minibuses are equipped to EU standards with a solid ramp which can also be used for 3-wheeled scooters, a comprehensive wheelchair-clamping system, full body harnesses and a/c. Our staff has received Health & Safety training in the UK plus specialised training with the Cyprus Paraplegic Centre.

Active Sports Bucks

Welcome to the new home of Active Sports and the Bucks & Milton Keynes Sports Partnership on the Net.

The aim of this website is to provide information, improve communication, share good practice and keep you informed of the activities of Active Sports and the Partnership.

The site is aimed at all those involved in the programme across the county including

  • **players and athletes**
  • **coaches**
  • **clubs & volunteers**
  • **schools & teachers**
  • **parents**
  • **sports development officers**

    Hopefully you will find something of interest to you. We also want to encourage interaction and participation in the events organised for you, so please let us have your comments and feedback. You can also register for our chat page to discuss your sport or area of involvement with others across the county. The site will continue to grow and develop and we value your opinions, if there is anything you would like to see on the site, or you would like to comment, please use the contact us section.


    The internet magazine for the disABLE woman.

    This is a free magazine, in that we are not supported in any way by either charity funds or advertising, and we would like to keep it that way. But the articles will dry up after a short time unless you contribute your articles.

    We don't have a "Mission Statement" but our intention is to continute to develop, with your help, a magazine that women with any disAbility can contribute to and read with enjoyment.

    ASLdeafined, LLC

    Every person in every walk of life has the need to know some sign language, even if you are not going to use that skill on a daily basis. For example, doctors, nurses, teachers, law enforcement, retail workers, and government employees are constantly frustrated with their inability to communicate with those who cannot hear because of their lack of sign language.

    Your skills in signing will increase your ability to communicate with a class of people that you can no longer afford to ignore. Police officers, retailers, and all aspects of society need to reach out to those who are deaf, to better serve the entire community, and not just certain parts of it.

    Assisted Travel Service


    The Assistance Travel Service Ltd. Is one of oldest specialist Travel Services, we have been offering a personal Travel Service to the less able their families and friends for over 16 years. We were the first and we hope still the best for tailor made programmes to suit your specialist needs.

    On this SITE we have tried to give you a basic outline of what ATS Travel can do for you. Remember new sites come and go but we are still hear doing the right job for you, on 01708 863198, or E-Mail at aatstravel@aol.com. Please feel free to use our E-Mail link and we will even call you back just leave us your telephone number its free.
    It has always been the policy of our company to provide programmes for any disability. So if you are deaf, blind, have breathing problems or any other disability or you just feel you need a little more support let ATS Travel help you.

    Association for Children with Life-Threating Conditions

    ACT is the only national organisation working to improve care and services for all children in the UK with life-threatening or terminal conditions and their families. Our work is needed because there are over 14,000 affected children in the UK and many families are struggling with little or no support.
    Registered in 1993, ACT has found that all families have similar needs although their children have a wide range of life-threatening conditions. We believe that they should all have equal access to palliative care, wherever they live and whatever their illness.

    Autochair Limited

    Autochair Ltd have specialised for many years in the design and manufacture of hoists and other aids to assist the less able.

    The owner of AUTOCHAIR has been confined to a wheelchair since 1975 which has resulted in a unique knowledge of what is practical for a disabled person.

    This knowledge together with the experience of our design, manufacturing and sales staff, coupled with quality engineering has produced a range of products that are easy to use, simple to fit and extremely reliable.

    They will fit or transfer to virtually any car.

    Demonstrations and advice on any lifting problem is free, with no obligation and we have agents in all parts of the UK.

    Back Care Beds

    Back Care Beds is a part of High & Dry Manufacturing also manufacturing waterbeds for the domestic and medical market. Back Care Beds is a customer focused, bed manufacturer that has been selling adjustable beds to shops throughout the country, for the last twenty years. Visit our Bed Blog

    The shop in Elm Grove was originally intended as a trade showroom, but due to popular demand, the company have branched out to also supply to the public. Back Care Beds are renowned for their low factory prices and their top quality products. Find out more at our Adjustable Bed Blog

    Battery Direct

    Battery Direct is an online battery shop to fulfill you battery needs. We offer you, the customer, a huge range of batteries from Automotive & Car batteries, to Consumer batteries. Golf batteries to Mobility batteries.

    Our Aim

    All orders are dealt with daily and we aim to deliver our batteries by the next working day for all orders placed before 3pm. For larger orders, or orders placed after this time, delivery is 2-3 working days. However due to the different types of batteries (Sealed and non-sealed), and the different weights and sizes, delivery cost will vary.

    Better Hearing

    Betterhearing provide a free online advisary service for the hard of hearing in the UK. The service is run by volunteers and is non-profit making. Betterhearing believes there is much confusion in the UK regarding hearing aids and services available for the hard of hearing and the deaf. We are a team of professional hearing aid audiologists who have all trained and qualified in the UK; we constantly update ourselves on both a national and international level. We also have excellent communication channels with ENT specialists. We will endeavour to supply you with the most up to date information available totally free of charge.

    Birmingham Carers

    Regional Site for Birmingham. Excellent source of information, Links, Discussions, currently being re-vamped


    We are a national children`s charity with 26 years experience of working with children, from 6 months to 12 years, who have a brain injury, chromosome or genetic condition resulting in disability, and developmental delay.

    Families contact one of our centres in Somerset or Essex looking for help and support in helping their child/ren to meet its/their potential. A team of therapists (physio, OT, developmental and cognitive) assess each child individually and design a programme of exercises for the family to do at home. The programme takes about 30 mins per day and should be done at least 5 times per week.

    Cancer Black Care

    The centre was created to raise cancer awareness among local people and to offer help to anyone affected by cancer . We give support and advise on the care available from the health care services.
    The centre is part of the Cancer Black Care service in Hackney. We offer support and help to all ethnic communities who are affected by cancer, including friends , carers or families .
    We welcome people from different ethnic groups including African , Asian , Turkish and Caribbean communities. The service also offers a newsletter , keeping you in touch with what's going on at the centre.

    Care Web Site

    This web-site is dedicated to people who care for friends or relatives with disabilities. It contains important factual information regarding benefits, and is of special use to those people who are not aware of the help that they are entitled to. There is some heartfelt information about coping with stress, including ways of identifying and removing it.

    Carers National Association (North of England)

    CNA is the national voice of carers in the UK

    Caring Matters

    A national charity helping patients, carers, and professionals to make informed decisions about long-term care.

    CeeVee Engineering Ltd.

    CeeVee Engineering Ltd is a long established precision engineering company, with a high reputation for quality and forward thinking. Over the years the company has developed a range of general purpose and specialist tools, but also a large part of the Company`s activity is devoted to the design and manufacture of the tools to suit customer`s own specific requirements.


    Chartwell Insurance

    Chartwell Insurance has been established for over 35 years as an independent intermediary, focussing on high quality service and the best rates available.

    Cobweb Foundation

    Adapted Holiday Accommodation in Scotland


    Cosyfeet is a mail order company specialising in extra roomy footwear, socks and hosiery for swollen feet and legs.

    Shop or request a catalogue online at www.cosyfeet.com. On our web-site you will find shoes, sandals, slippers, specialist socks and hosiery for swollen feet. You will also find a wide range of products to help with foot problems caused by conditions such as swelling, diabetes, oedema, arthritis and lymphoedema.

    Cowal Mobility Aids Limited

    Cowal Mobility Aids have been in the business of designing, manufacturing, installing and supplying high quality driving aids and conversions for the disabled driver for over 30 years. We have been instrumental in designing driving aids, which have since been adopted and produced by other concerns. e offer assessments to determine the individual needs of the disabled driver/vehicle compatibility, and have proved again and again that anything is possible with todays technology, and a little bit of common sense and care!!

    Crossroads - Caring For Carers

    In Engish/Welsh


    Dating4Disabled.com is an online community which offers the opportunity for people with disabilities to share, connect and just be heard.

    Make friends, find romance, and share resources with people from all over the world. Dating4disabled.com welcomes disabled as well as able-bodied members on condition that they want to meet people with disabilities and are committed to respecting all of our members.

    This site excels for a number of reasons. We`ve developed unique web features such as the blogs, the online messenger, forums, highly developed search engine and more. Everything is confidential and conducted in good taste and style. No binding contracts, no pressure, no embarrassment ... just an opportunity to network and find others with similar values, interests, and backgrounds. The choice is yours. Join for FREE today and become one of our lively community members.

    Deaf 24/7

    Deaf 24/7 - Internet resource for all British Sign Language and deafness related information especially in United Kingdom. We are non-profit project and receive no outside funding for its maintenance.

    Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group

    DEX is a deaf User group.
    DEX consists of deaf people who attended, or attend hearing mainstream education, or supporters from the Deaf and hearing communities.
    DEX is currently the only deaf led organisation that supports all deaf children with all levels of deafness.
    We want all deaf children to be confident and happy deaf children and young people, and to have a positive Deaf identity. This will result in a better quality of life in adulthood, and provide the grounding for good mental and physical health.
    We want deaf children to live according to civil rights legislation.


    Dis:Course is a project supporting groups concerned with disability and long-term health issues in Bracknell and the surrounding area. It will also provide an information service to disabled people, their families and carers.

    Disability Action Yorkshire

    is a charity providing services aimed at improving quality of life by enabling people to access fundamental opportunities such as work, education, personal care, leisure and holidays.

    Disability Equality and Diversity Training

    Equality Link Consultancy is a leading edge company specialising in disability equality and diversity training in the work place. We provide bespoke training, consultancy and auxiliary services to ensure that your service meets its legislative requirements and deliver service excellence at all levels.

    Disability Equality in Education (DEE)

    Disability Equality in Education (DEE) is a rapidly expanding charity, which was set up in 1996 based on the pioneering work of Richard Rieser and Micheline Mason. The foundation of our work is to promote inclusion in the education system that celebrates and embraces in differences of individuals.

    Disabled United

    Designed as a meeting place for the disabled community with various forums, chat rooms, friends and dating service and swop shop.

    Dog AID (Assistance in Disability)

    This is a non-profit organisation that specialises in helping people with disabilities in training their own dogs. We offer 2 levels of training, so owners can choose simply to train their pets to become obedient companions, or for those who require it can help them train their dogs to become qualified "Assistance Dogs".

    Epilepsy Scotland

    Nearly 40,000 people living in Scotland have epilepsy. Children and older people are most at risk of developing this common serious neurological condition but anyone can develop epilepsy at any time – and 8 people a day in Scotland do. We want to make sure the needs of people with epilepsy are met. This is why we campaign for improved healthcare, better information provision and an end to stigma. In April 2008 Enlighten - Tackling Epilepsy merged with Epilepsy Scotland.

    Epilepsy Scotland works with people affected by epilepsy to ensure that their voice is heard.

    Epilepsy Scotland involves people affected by epilepsy in raising awareness of epilepsy issues and works to ensure that services are developed to meet their varied needs.

    Epilepsy Scotland

    Nearly 40,000 people living in Scotland have epilepsy. Children and older people are most at risk of developing this common serious neurological condition but anyone can develop epilepsy at any time – and 8 people a day in Scotland do. We want to make sure the needs of people with epilepsy are met. This is why we campaign for improved healthcare, better information provision and an end to stigma. In April 2008 Enlighten - Tackling Epilepsy merged with Epilepsy Scotland.

    Epilepsy Scotland works with people affected by epilepsy to ensure that their voice is heard.

    Epilepsy Scotland involves people affected by epilepsy in raising awareness of epilepsy issues and works to ensure that services are developed to meet their varied needs.

    F Martin Limited

    We specialise in furniture for people with mobility problems. We offer two major brands of lift and rise recliners chairs, from Sherborne and Celebrity Motion. These fantastic chairs are available in leather or material and you can choose between single or dual motor so that you can find the best position for you to relax while reclining, resting or standing you up. The motors are guaranteed for 5 years (Celebrity Motion) or 3 years (Sherborne). We also sell matching 2 and 3 seater settees and fixed chairs either on legs or down to the ground as well as an extensive range of leather-look recliner and swivel chairs with stools, plus rocker recliner massage chairs in leather-look.

    With more than 10,000 sq ft of showroom space, we carry a vast range of different types of furniture to cover all aspects of your home. This covers the normal furnishings for your bedroom, lounge, dining room, kitchen and your home office (including rugs and carpets and occasional furniture such as coffee tables and the like). However we also offer what we call “Landlord Packs” which allow landlords to furnish their rental properties with good quality furniture at a reasonable price.

    FBM Holidays

    FBM offer great short break deals as well as full week bookings, so if you just fancy a romantic weekend away, to celebrate an anniversary, to enjoy a Spring, Easter, Autumn or Winter break, even a two week vacation over the Christmas and New Year period, then FBM can help you. Don`t think you have to leave your best friend behind either as FBM have properties that are pet friendly, and they deserve a holiday too! FBM makes it easy to search for that ideal holiday destination as we have divided the the counties into specific areas; Tenby and the Tenby Peninsula, Saundersfoot and Saundersfoot Bay, The Preseli Hills, St Brides Bay and Carmarthen Bay. This way you can search for your ideal holiday in your ideal area! FBM offer unbeatable value for money, and check out our Special Offers page where deals offering between 5% and 25% discount are added every week! Don`t forget, Summer is approaching fast and FBM`s Holiday Cottages in Wales are just the ticket for a family holiday. Come to Pembrokeshire for your Summer holiday and enjoy all the county has to offer.

    For Disabled People.com

    Disability Web Site - offers a wide range of information and services

    Friends for Young Deaf People

    FYD has, for the past 33 years, designed a programme of activities and training opportunities, enabling young deaf people, in partnership with their hearing peers, to develop themselves. What makes FYD's work special and differentiates it from other organisations is that it brings together deaf young people with hearing people in a special partnership.

    GB Job Guide

    UK job site that focuses on employment vacancies for the United Kingdom

    Global Dialysis

    Resources for Dialysis Patients who wish to travel nationally or internationally

    Government Information for Carers

    'We all may need care, or to provide care. When I was a boy, I watched my own mother care for my father after he had a stroke. Like her, there are now many people - daughters, sons, parents, relatives, friends and neighbours - who give help and support in many, many ways to those they're caring for.

    Handicare Ltd

    Handicare (formerly known as movingpeople.net in the UK) offers solutions and support to increase the independence of disabled or elderly people as well as to improve the convenience of those who are caring for them. Our wide range of high-quality products includes various power and manual wheelchairs, scooters, seating systems, patient transfer systems, lifting and reclining chairs, and bathing and toileting products.

    Handstogether (Deaf Christian Network)

    UKSLRS has been running since the end of 1998 and seeks to provide a reference point for hearing people who are involved with signing in a Christian context and for Deaf people who want to keep in touch with Christian events that are signed. A main feature of the site is a growing library of images of signs which have a Christian basis and which are seldom found in sign language manuals or CD ROMs.

    Help for Carers - Wirral

    Help for Carers is a registered charity (No 1058477), which was founded by carers to develop a range of support services for the carers of Wirral. Caring for a family member/friend can be a very stressful experience.

    Home Supplies Direct

    Welcome to Home Supplies for quality products.
    We have a wide range of disability aids/products on offer:

    • mobility products: turners, walkers, quads and tripods
    • leg supports: leg rester, restaleg
    • furniture and accessories: tables, furniture extensions
    • bed accessories: cradle, rails, backrests
    • bath accessories: seats, boards, bath rails
    • commodes: mobile and stationary commodes
    • lifting and handling: client helper, slings, helping hands, bed raisers

    You can order by mail, online or by phone.

    I Need A Holiday Too

    We are a new project based in Northern Brittany, France, close to the coast. We aim to provide quality, accessible holidays to disabled people regardless of their support needs. We aim to provide a holiday that will attempt to meet the persons identified needs wherever possible. Services offered include:
  • Door to Door Accessible Transport
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Hiring Equipment
  • Ensuring Medical Care is available
  • Accessible Transport during stay
  • Fully Accessible Accommodation
  • Support with Paperwork
  • Ensuring that the only thing on your mind is fun

    Several options are available to you, from Gîtes (self catering cottages), Chambre d`Hôtes (Bed and Breakfast) through to Camping. All the accommodation featured has been personally inspected and an access report is available for each one, on request.

    InjuredBiker - Support For Downed & Disabled Riders

    A Support, Rehabilitation Assistance, Recovery Resource, & FUN site for vctims of serious road trauma, and their friends.

    Jewish Blind & Disabled

    Jewish Blind & Disabled provides caring sheltered housing to improve the quality of life, maximise freedom of choice, respect dignity at all times and help achieve independent living for visually & physically disabled people.


    The jobability.com web site is a collective partnership between Leonard Cheshire, Microsoft UK Ltd, and totaljobs.com.

    Each partner will be offering their expertise across their chosen profession to bring together a suitable online environment for individuals with any form of disability to search and obtain work.

    The information desk will grow to incorporate additional avenues of information and helpful guidance to specific, and potentially useful on-line services.

    Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People

    The Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People has existed since 1866. Throughout its long history, the single objective has been to respond to the expressed needs and aspirations of deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, blind and partially sighted people. This has been achieved by the active participation of sensory-impaired people, both as members of committees at every level and as members of staff.

    The success of the Society is without doubt due to the active pursuit of this policy. However, sensory-impaired people recognise the value of the large number of people who have given and continue to give their time and talents in a voluntary capacity, and this valuable input has been a significant factor in the progress of the Society.

    Legal Information

    Freelawyer is the world's first fully interactive legal website. At freelawyer you will not be overwhelmed with useless, irrelevant information that you have to trawl through before getting an answer. Our virtual lawyers will ask you a number of questions then provide you with a Tailored Legal Information Sheet based on your replies and written in practical easy-to-understand English.

    Matching Houses - Holiday House Exchange

    Matching Houses holiday house exchange where you can swap houses with people who have the same accessibility needs as you.

    They say the best ideas are often the simplest ones. MatchingHouses.com is based on a simple yet powerful idea. If my accessibility needs match yours, our houses will be accessible to one another.

    You join and describe your house – including its accessibility in quite some detail. When you log on to look for matching houses to swap with, only houses likely to be accessible to you are shown. And likewise your house will be to them. International house exchange based on accessibility – so you can concentrate on where you want to go not if you can.

    Matching Houses – so simple. Why hasn’t anyone thought of it before!

    Medical Travel, Inc

    Medical Travel, Inc. is a Full Service Medical Travel Agency that caters to people with Special Medical Needs. Our office is able to provide Accessible Disney Vacations in Florida, Accessible Van Rentals and Sales, Worldwide Oxygen Rentals, Dialysis Cruises and much more


    MedicAlert is the only non-profit making, registered charity providing a life-saving identification system for individuals with hidden medical conditions and allergies. This takes the form of body-worn bracelets or necklets (known as MedicAlert Emblems) bearing the MedicAlert symbol on the disc and supported by a 24 hour emergency telephone service. Each member receives an Emblem that is engraved with the wearers main medical condition(s) or vital details, a personal ID number and a 24 hour emergency telephone number that can access their details from anywhere in the world in over 100 languages.

    Medway Carers Centre

    If you care for a relative, friend or neighbour who is disabled, frail or elderly. We can offer practical support with benefits, letter writing and dealing with professionals. We are here to listen to you either on an individual basis or with a group such as a Coffee Morning. we have a bi-monthly newsletter giving you information, latest news and details of what is happening at the Medway Carers Centre.

    Menopause & Black Cohosh Information Center

    Welcome to the Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center, a site dedicated to bringing you the best information on menopause, the latest research, details on alternatives to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and tips for effectively managing menopause.

    Merseyside Inform (MI

    Merseyside Inform (MI) is a group of disabled people and carers who are dedicated to the improvement of information services for disabled people on Merseyside. A major step forward would be the cooperation of all the many fragmented information-giving agencies especially across authority boundaries.

    Mobility Abroad

    MOBILITY ABROAD LTD is UK based company with its first sister company MOBILITY ABROAD SOL sl, based on the Costa del Sol in Benalmadena Costa. We specialise in the supply of equipment for the disabled, elderly and everyone with walking difficulties.
    Wheelchairs, Electric scooters, and other mobility products such as bath seats, commodes, raised toilet seats and walking frames are sourced from the worlds leading manufacturers and are available for SALE and HIRE.
    MOBILITY ABROAD has been formed to provide a much required and needed service along the coast, encouraging people to travel to experience the many things the Costa del Sol is famous for including its almost year round sunshine. The owners have many years experience of disability in their own family and following their travels to the coast for the last 16 years decided to put their experience and knowledge of the Mobility market in the UK into practice with their love of the southern coast of Spain.

    Mobility Freedom

    Colin and Carol can give expert advice should you wish to purchase or hire a scooter or wheelchair, whether manual or powered. They is willing to visit you at home, free of charge, in order to help you assess your needs. You would be under no obligation to buy. In addition they can supply motorised beds, wheelchair ramps and other aids to enable maximum motability for all. Mobility Freedom is based in both West and South Wales but provides care throughout the UK and is always ready to assist you with any queries you may have. Wales is, of course, a very popular tourist area and it is therefore, very useful to be able to arrange to hire your wheelchair when you have booked your holiday. We can deliver your chair to your selected destination at cost.

    Mobility Hire

    The expense of purchasing a scooter or wheelchair to help someone who has a walking difficulty, and the hassle of selling when the machine is no longer required, is being removed by Mobility Hire. We are dedicated to the hiring of mobility equipment.

    New Deal

    New Deal is a key part of the Government's strategy to get people back to work. It gives people on benefits the help and support they need to look for work, including training and job preparation.

    New Deal is a Government programme that aims to give unemployed people the help and support they need to get into work.

    Everyone on New Deal gets a personal adviser who is their point of contact throughout the programme. The personal adviser takes the time to understand you - your experiences, interests and goals - so a plan can be prepared to get you into a suitable job.

    Oldham Young Carers

    This website has been set up so that children and young people, like you, can find out more about different types of disability, illnesses and health problems. Even though you might not have or know anyone who is seriously ill, has a disability or some type of health problem at the moment, it is likely that you will know someone by the time you are an adult.


    OUTSIDERS is a self-help, international community providing regular mailings, and unthreatening events where people meet up and practice socialising. Members appreciate a club where they are totally accepted, and some of the most amazing relationships have been formed. Outsiders is for people who feel isolated because of socially and physical disabilities. The club helps them gain confidence, make new friends and find partners. We welcome people of all sexualities, whether they are single, divorced, separated or married, and we discriminate against no one. Our members appreciate a club where disability is accepted and people can relax and be themselves. The first step may be to acknowledge the persons sexuality, and offer support in asserting their right to a private life, and seeking love in a society where status normally stems from good looks and money.

    Ownership Options in Scotland (Housing)

    Welcome to the Ownership Options in Scotland web site. We are a charity providing information, advice and other support to disabled people (which includes people with learning disabilities), carers and professionals to improve access to housing in the owner occupied sector.

    This site contains information on many aspects of home ownership from raising the money to buy a property, to designing a house from scratch. If you are disabled and have a question about home ownership that isn't answered here, please contact Susan Watson on 0131 661 3400 or e-mail us at oois@talk21.com.

    Prescription Footware Associates Ltd

    We are primarily manufacturers of footwear and lower limb orthotic appliances, with a speciality in ortholene cosmetic calipers. We can adapt clients' own footwear, source specialist stock-sized footwear and adapt it to individual needs, and/or manufacture handmade shoes and boots to individual lasts.

    We have a State-registered consulting orthotist who sees clients for us two days a week at our on-site fitting room at Barnham, near Bognor Regis,West Sussex. His especial interest is in weight-bearing appliances and he works very closely with the technicians to design and make bespoke orthoses for clients.

    We have extensive experience in the footwear and lower limb needs of people with arthritis, diabetes, polio, partial amputations, congenital and acquired deformities, trauma injuries, and the problems of the ageing foot.

    Our client base is international and we welcome enquiries from all.

    If you would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Princess Royal Trust for Carers

    A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a friend, neighbour or relative who could not manage otherwise because of frailty, illness or disability.

    Ravelrig Riding for the Disabled Association (RRDA)

    Ravelrig Riding for the Disabled Association (RRDA) gives the opportunity to ride for people with a disability, both young and old, from throughout the Edinburgh area. They are a registered charity (No: SC 028670) and are members of the Riding for the Disabled Association incorporating Carriage Driving. President: HRH The Princess Royal KG GCVO.
    RRDA FUNDRAISERS The RRDA Fundraisers are a group of businessmen and musicians from East Central Scotland whose aim is to raise funds for RRDA. We organise various fundraising events for RRDA and details are on our websites


    'to expand the opportunities for disabled people in sustainable work both within Remploy and externally'

    Respiratory on the Web

    Respiratory Therapy Societies/AARC Chapters/Related Medical Societies and Organizations


    ResponsibleCitizen was formed to offer a unique reference point on how to beat anti-social behaviour and promote good citizenship.

    Poor parenting? Lack of community spirit? Anti-social behaviour? This site discusses your rights and how to encourage responsible citizenship.

    Our concern was that there was no single UK resource for interesting features and practical advice on this subject.

    Our features and articles are written by professional journalists and experts - who have a particular interest, or a background in this area.

    S G & P Payne

    We are proud of our reputation and have over 30 years experience in patient care, dealing with "Urology" and "Ostomy" - Specialising in "The Management of Urinary Incontinence". Knowledgeable in design and in manufacturing methods and are able to offer a wide range of products and offer free personal, confidential and impartial advice on both these subjects, when required.

    Established in 1978. S.G. & P Payne is a family run business and operates from its own premises in Hyde, Cheshire. Is a Member of, and conforms to, the British Healthcare Trades Association (B.H.T.A.) code of practice. "QUALITY" has always been a key word for both product and service and we take pride in giving both.

    Scarborough & Rydale Carers Resources

    A carer is a person who is looking after a friend or relative who is sick, disabled, elderly or in need of emotional support.

    Social Space

    Social Space is a disability chat forum

    We are a community of disabled people & carers who just want to chat and have fun with others.

    We have many pages of information on health and disability related subjects from coughes and colds to disability benefits. Also our members have setup there own Social Groups.

    Please leave your wheelchairs, frames, support dogs, crutches, gizmos and what nots at the door as we are all about FUN at Social Space and we DO NOT focus on the disabilities but rather the abilities!

    South East Mobility Discount Mobility Products

    We provide Wheelchairs, Electric Scooters, Bath Lifts and Seats, Walking Frames and Sticks, Commodes, Raised WC Seats and frame and More
    We provide all products related to mobility at reduced rates and discounted. Whether single items or bulk orders. We are able to do this as a result of our buying power receiving discounts and passing them on. If you have been quoted for a mobility product tell us what it is but not the price and we will give you our best price to supply you with the same item. We have over 12 years experience of disability in our own family and know the problems that can be faced when wanting to buy a product.
    South East Mobility is the marketing named division for our UK sales. Our full company name is Mobility Abroad Ltd, and we provide products for hire and sale both in the UK, and throughout Europe, via our UK office and retail outlet on the Costa del Sol in Spain.
    We are family run with Father, Mother, sons, brothers, sisters and wives all contributing to the successful running of our services supplying the best products at the best prices. It really is as simple as that.

    Spain - Orange Bus S.L.

  • Airport Transfers Tenerife Specialists
  • We also provide both Mobility/Disability Aids Hire Service

    We transport you in our Executive minibuses direct to your hotel or accommodation from Tenerife Airport. Transfers are for up to 13 people. You can pre-book our minibuses by clicking on the right. No more waiting in the Tenerife Airport taxi queue. Orange Bus Airport Representative is waiting for your arrival in the baggage hall. Compare our very low prices, a cheap Tenerife airport transfer option.

    Spain - Wheelchair Hire

    Paul Godney Services S.L. provide a specialized wheelchair and scooter hire/rental service that suits both your needs and your pocket.

    Located in Los Cristianos in the south of Tenerife, we cater for both holidaymakers and residents in Tenerife. Paul Goldney Services S.L. covers the south of Tenerife from Los Giganes to El Medano.

    Special Child

    Welcome and thank you for visiting Special Child, an online publication dedicated to parents of children with special needs. Please take a moment to sign our Guestbook so that we may keep you apprised of upcoming features. Your name and address will be held confidential.

    Special Families Home Swap Register

    Home Exchange Service

    Surrey Young Carers Web Site

    Hi, welcome to the Surrey Young Carers Web Site. If you are looking after a family member who has a illness or a disability, then you've come to the right place! Made for young carers, by young carers.

    Team Hybrid - Adapted Power Cycles

    Disability world.com has joined together with Team Hybrid to bring you one of their most popular models at a discount price. The Viper powercycle offers performance on the flat and is powerfull enough to ride the hills with ease.


    Tenerife - Wheelchair Hire

    Paul Godney Services S.L. provide a specialized wheelchair and scooter hire/rental service that suits both your needs and your pocket.

    Located in Los Cristianos in the south of Tenerife, we cater for both holidaymakers and residents in Tenerife. Paul Goldney Services S.L. covers the south of Tenerife from Los Giganes to El Medano.

    The Afiya Trust

    Excellent resource for the ethnic minority The Afiya Trust is a national charity based in London. It is the home of projects that involve carers support, multi-lingual information for families people living with cancer, community building and mental health

    The Asian Disability Network (ADN)

    The Asian Disability Network (ADN) is a Registered Charity, which was formed four years ago. Individuals from three separate voluntary groups who at the time felt that there was a need for a specialist disability organisation, which needed to concentrate on the needs of disabled people from the marginalised communities, in the case of Bradford this, was predominately the Asian Community initially formed the organisation.

    The British Jigsaw Puzzle Library

    Established in 1933, the BJPL is a lending library of wooden jigsaw puzzles.

    Puzzles are exchanged by post and for a three, six or twelve month subscription, members can have as many puzzles as they can assemble in that time.

    The Library's stock numbers about three and a half thousand puzzles which are all hand-cut in wood and come in a varying degrees of difficulty and a wide range of sizes. Members' individual preferences are taken into account when sending out puzzles.

    We also stock adult jigsaw puzzles with large pieces for people with disabilities.

    The Conductive Education Website

    Conductive Education is a form of special education and rehabilitation for children and adults with motor disorders. It is appropriate for conditions where disease or damage to the central nervous system affects a person's ability to control movement. In childhood these conditions include cerebral palsy and dyspraxia, and in adulthood, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and those who have had a stroke or head injury.

    The Disabled Workers Co-operative

    Our aim is to promote the skills, services and products offered by disabled workers by creating a searchable (by anyone looking for whatever they need) database of these skills and services.

    The Force Ten Company Ltd

    The Force Ten Company Ltd is one of the UKs leading suppliers of technology to assist vision and hearing impaired people with their daily lives.

    The Mobility Market Ltd

    The Mobility Market is a low-cost, effective way for private individuals to dispose of their unwanted/surplus/used mobility aids to other members of the public.



    The National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed

    The National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed uses exercise therapy to rebuild lives shattered by paralysis.

    The Centre treats people with a variety of conditions from spinal cord injury paraplegia and tetraplegia to MS, stroke, spina bifida and brain damage.

    This programme gives them a real prospect of taking greater control over their bodies and their lives.

    The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

    The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has been established by the Department of Health and the National Assembly for Wales, as part of the government's Quality Strategy for Social Care.


    Thrive is the national horticultural charity which exists to enable disadvantaged, disabled and older people to participate fully in the social and economic life of the community.

    Total Access Properties - Algarve, Portugal

    Have you ever thought about buying a holiday home in the sun but dread the thought of having to deal with Real Estate agents that baldly promise full access, but when you get there it’s a nightmare?

    Even after very clearly explaining your needs for access and suitable support facilities, you still end up being taken to properties that a mother with pushchair would have trouble getting about in!

    Totally Disabled

    I am a 34 year old tetrapleagic and I don't know about you,but I get fed up trying to search for "disabled stuff" on the net. So I decided to set up my own site that will hopefully solve that! The idea for "Totally Disabled" is not for totally disabled people, but to dedicate this site to totally disabled topics and make them much easier to find. This site will be slow to start off with but with your help, it should be the best disabled site around!


    Trailblazers is a nationwide organisation of young disabled and non-disabled campaigners. We want people aged 16-30 to join the fight to improve services for people living with muscle disease.

    UK Stairlifts

    UK Lifts are one of the leading suppliers of quality stair lifts in the UK and offer some of the best stair lifts prices available. We understand that everyday life can sometimes be very difficult when you suffer from mobility problems. If you or someone you know struggles to get up and down the stairs in the home then UK Lifts can help you find the right solution to make negotiating stairs much easier. Investing in the right stair lift can be a difficult decision to make with so many options available.


    Our web-site provides the telephone numbers of over 760 UK Self Help Groups and over 600 hyperlinks. We hope that you will support us by purchasing our directory (8th Edition) which contains full details of the groups (printed and CD available) and costs just 10.


    WAACIS is a Charity that helps disabled people by providing computer training on how to use the Internet in their own homes at an affordable cost.

    Wedding Chaos

    This wedding planning website will explain everything you need to know about planning a wedding, including wedding invitation ideas, favour ideas, brides maid dresses, attire for mother of the bride, bridal flower bouquets and we will even help out with the bestman speech and best man toasts.

    Visit our wedding forums to ask for help or advice, or to simply chat with other brides and grooms to be


    Comes with a Minister as well!

    Wheelchair Accessible Cars

    About us

    Our Wheelchair Accessible Car sales started as a family business in Manchester, things have changed, we now say we are large enough to cope yet small enough to care, we are a specialist provider of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles / cars. Our success has been down to providing high quality wheelchair adapted vehicles and offering expert friendly advice, followed up by an excellent level of after care service.

    Quality of stock

    Each and every wheelchair Accessible car we sell undergoes a 120 point inspection before it sees our forecourt, if we are not happy with any aspect of a wheelchair car, we will not sell it, every wheelchair car is valeted to the highest standard whether it needs it or not, we would not expect a customer to sit in a vehicle that shows any signs of a former keeper and we would most certainly not sell a wheelchair car with faults. Every wheelchair car over 2.5 years will receive 12 months mot.

    Wheelchair Woodturners & Woodworkers

    Wheelchair Woodturners & Woodworkers This organization and workshop is set up to provide a knowledge base for the disabled, wheelchair users and those less than able. A place where practical problems are solved let your imagination and determination free. It is only through my workshop that I now find myself free of my limitations. My Workshop is open to wheelchair users and those less than able, I am offering an introduction to woodturning and advice and assistance in setting up your own workshop, I can also be booked for demonstrations, all I need is a power point.

    Win Health

    Win Health – Quality and Value in Healthcare

    Win Health is a Scottish healthcare manufacturer and a supplier of innovative products and medical devices relevant to health, self-care, life long independence and wellbeing. We supply the NHS, private care sector, charities and individual customers living in their own dwellings.

    Young Carers

    The site for young carers, their families and tose who work to support them across the UK
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