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3tfm Community Radio for Health

The idea of a Careers Show on Community Radio was conceived during April 2006 when a local steering group. Chaired by Jim McHarg of Community Learning & Development set up a radio station called GVFM (Garnock Valley FM).

This group had been granted a four week broadcasting license and my idea was to take careers information into a new medium and this provided the ideal opportunity to experiment.

The initial concept I had was a show to highlight various careers interspersed with music and local information and the four week run of the show proved very successful. GVFM was later granted a further four week license and from there the show grew from strength to strength.

Asian Society

'creating, developing and promoting a positive British Asian presence on the Internet'

ASLdeafined, LLC

Every person in every walk of life has the need to know some sign language, even if you are not going to use that skill on a daily basis. For example, doctors, nurses, teachers, law enforcement, retail workers, and government employees are constantly frustrated with their inability to communicate with those who cannot hear because of their lack of sign language.

Your skills in signing will increase your ability to communicate with a class of people that you can no longer afford to ignore. Police officers, retailers, and all aspects of society need to reach out to those who are deaf, to better serve the entire community, and not just certain parts of it.

Attlee Foundation

The Attlee Foundation was established in 1967 to commemorate Clement Attleeā€™s life, work and achievements by developing projects that benefit the people he cared most about - those disadvantaged by poverty or lack of opportunity, particularly young people.


bassac is a membership organisation that resources a network of community groups across the UK. It represents the network at a national level and provides members with key services. Underpinning our work is a commitment to social change and wider community sector development.

Black Information Link

The 1990 Trusts Blink, which stands for Black Information Link, has won GreenNets? "Networker of the Year Award". One of the "best" Community sites in the UK

Blacknet UK

A site dedicated to promoting progression, a site where people from around the world come together to share experences and ideas. We believe the dissemination of information is the key - each one teach one. Through these values Blacknet has become more than just a website, it is a wide community. .

China - Qingdao Disabled Persons Federation

Our organization is under the leadership of Qingdao Government and we have the same organizations in all the districts and cities belong to Qingdao.

Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city and is vice-provincial level city. There are about 420,000 disabled persons and occupied 5.6% of the total population of Qingdao.

We hope to develop the friendship and establish the exchanges and relationships between organizations and learn from each other in the future.


Dis:Course is a project supporting groups concerned with disability and long-term health issues in Bracknell and the surrounding area. It will also provide an information service to disabled people, their families and carers.

Jewish .co.uk

jewish.co.uk is your online Jewish community site packed with useful information and features.


MOSAIC is a community organisation of Black, minority ethnic and mixed parentage families and individuals home about news events gallery kids resources links thanks contact MOSAIC welcomes new members at any time. Membership is FREE and open to all Black, Asian, minority ethnic and mixed parentage people and their families, including fostered or adoptive families.

Municipality of Brezovica, Slovenia

I send to You all good wishes from Brezovica in the middle of the state Slovenia! The Internet has made the world very small, and people are like one family all over the world! We must make peace and love! Welcome to our site; You are invited to sign in our Guestbook! We made friends on the World's net!

Muslim Aid

Since its inception in 1985, this verse has lain at the heart of Muslim Aid's philosophy. Through generous donations and legacy contributions, Muslim Aid has helped save and improve the lives of millions of people in 44 poorest countries of the world. Through long-term development programmes

Social Space

Social Space is a disability chat forum

We are a community of disabled people & carers who just want to chat and have fun with others.

We have many pages of information on health and disability related subjects from coughes and colds to disability benefits. Also our members have setup there own Social Groups.

Please leave your wheelchairs, frames, support dogs, crutches, gizmos and what nots at the door as we are all about FUN at Social Space and we DO NOT focus on the disabilities but rather the abilities!

The Afiya Trust

Excellent resource for the ethnic minority The Afiya Trust is a national charity based in London. It is the home of projects that involve carers support, multi-lingual information for families people living with cancer, community building and mental health

Womens Resource Centre

WRC seeks to promote the personal and professional development of all women involved with WRC, whether as employees, volunteers, individual members or through member organisations. WRC works to achieve its mission through a number of activities and services.
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