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Bridgend - People First

Bridgend People First is a registered charity which supports people with learning disabilities to speak for themselves and make their own decisions about what they want to do. Members also speak on behalf of others people with learning disabilities who cannot speak for themselves, or do not have the opportunity to put forward their views.

Carlisle People First

Carlisle People First is a group which is run by and for people who are labelled as having a learning difficulty. Advocacy is about people speaking up and having their own say. We provide Self, Citizen and Crisis Advocacy and also a Circles of Support scheme throughout North East Cumbria. We work in partnership with Your Rights Your Voice in West Cumbria so between us we cover the whole of North Cumbria.

Central England People First

An organisation of people with learning difficulties speaking up for ourselves!
We are run and controlled by people with learning difficulties.

People First (Scotland

Most people with learning difficulties or learning disabilities have had bad experiences. Some people are abused. Some people are ignored or badly treated. Most are not taken seriously. People First is the International independent self-advocacy movement of people with learning difficulties.

People First - Caithness (Scotland)

Caithness was set up recently to allow people with learning difficulties to have an independent voice and to co-ordinate activities and meetings on their own behalf.

People First - Lambeth

People First Lambeth supports people with learning difficulties to:
Speak up for themselves; to find out things they need to know so that they can make choices;
To take control over their own lives; to do things for themselves; to be part of the planning and running of social and health care services; to look back at how well social and health care services have done;
PFL does this by helping people to speak up. This means that PFL runs a self-advocacy service.

Speaking Up! - Cambridge

We think that people with learning difficulties often have their personal and civil rights denied to them by families and care services. We believe that people with learning difficulties often lack the skills and power to take control of their lives. We are committed to helping people to make changes in their lives, however small.
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