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3tfm Community Radio for Health

The idea of a Careers Show on Community Radio was conceived during April 2006 when a local steering group. Chaired by Jim McHarg of Community Learning & Development set up a radio station called GVFM (Garnock Valley FM).

This group had been granted a four week broadcasting license and my idea was to take careers information into a new medium and this provided the ideal opportunity to experiment.

The initial concept I had was a show to highlight various careers interspersed with music and local information and the four week run of the show proved very successful. GVFM was later granted a further four week license and from there the show grew from strength to strength.

Advisory for Education

The Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) Ltd is an independent national advice centre for parents. Founded in 1960 and a registered charity, ACE is run by expert staff, under the direction of a council. It is financed by funds raised from Charitable Trusts, local education authorities, the DfEE and industry. Trading revenue from sales of publications and training also help us fund our charitable activities.

Association of National Specialist Colleges

The Association of National Specialist Colleges aims to promote opportunities for high quality education and training in residential or day settings, for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group

DEX is a deaf User group.
DEX consists of deaf people who attended, or attend hearing mainstream education, or supporters from the Deaf and hearing communities.
DEX is currently the only deaf led organisation that supports all deaf children with all levels of deafness.
We want all deaf children to be confident and happy deaf children and young people, and to have a positive Deaf identity. This will result in a better quality of life in adulthood, and provide the grounding for good mental and physical health.
We want deaf children to live according to civil rights legislation.

Department for Education and Employment

The purpose of the Department for Children, Schools and Families is to make England the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up. We want to: make children and young people happy and healthy keep them safe and sound give them a top class education help them stay on track.

Disability Equality in Education (DEE)

Disability Equality in Education (DEE) is a rapidly expanding charity, which was set up in 1996 based on the pioneering work of Richard Rieser and Micheline Mason. The foundation of our work is to promote inclusion in the education system that celebrates and embraces in differences of individuals.


Gridlink combines use of the latest IT facilities and techniques with a personal and caring approach to an individual`s needs. The promotion of a personal, on-going relationship between pupil and tutor, plus the combination of work both on and off the computer in the pupil`s work schedule, means that Gridlink can provide maximum student motivation. This overcomes the obstacles presented by traditional distance learning approaches.

Independent Panel for Special Education Advice

We give free and independent legal advice and support in England and Wales


The jobability.com web site is a collective partnership between Leonard Cheshire, Microsoft UK Ltd, and totaljobs.com.

Each partner will be offering their expertise across their chosen profession to bring together a suitable online environment for individuals with any form of disability to search and obtain work.

The information desk will grow to incorporate additional avenues of information and helpful guidance to specific, and potentially useful on-line services.

National Association of Adult Learning (NIACE)

"support an increase in the total numbers of adults engaged in formal and informal learning in England and Wales; and at the same time to take positive action to improve opportunities and widen access to learning opportunities for those communities under-represented in current provision."

National Institute of Conductive Education

Welcome to Conductive Education and to the worldwide community of those whose common aim is to make Conductive Education available for all. Conductive Education is a major breakthrough in the well-being of children and adults with motor disorders and their families. Conductive Education offers immediate and long-term advantages for those who can access it directly and strongly challenges present ways of understanding and providing for disabilities.

NewLink Project Ltd

NewLink Project Ltd is a charity (Reg. no.1020713), based in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom, which is constituted as a company limited by guarantee(no. 2795217). We are devoted to the development of high quality IT education and training for people with a disability.

Open University

The Open University admitted its first students in 1971. It is the UK`s largest university, with over 200,000 students and customers in 1997/98. The OU represents 21% of all part-time higher education students in the UK.

People First

An organisation of people with learning difficulties speaking up for ourselves!

Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People

The Foundation has worked with disabled people for sixty five years and

Scottish Further Education Unit

This site is an information resource for the further education sector in Scotland.

The Conductive Education Website

Conductive Education is a form of special education and rehabilitation for children and adults with motor disorders. It is appropriate for conditions where disease or damage to the central nervous system affects a person`s ability to control movement. In childhood these conditions include cerebral palsy and dyspraxia, and in adulthood, Parkinson`s disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and those who have had a stroke or head injury.


Thrive is the national horticultural charity which exists to enable disadvantaged, disabled and older people to participate fully in the social and economic life of the community.
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