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ABA Materials

Software to teach children with learning delays and difficulties
Children with learning challenges can benefit enormously from a home computer. However, there are six common mistakes their parents make when selecting computer software to teach them.

Advisory Centre for Education

The Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) Ltd is an independent national advice centre for parents. Founded in 1960 and a registered charity, ACE is run by expert staff, under the direction of a council. It is financed by funds raised from Charitable Trusts, local education authorities, the DfEE and industry. Trading revenue from sales of publications and training also help us

BandAids & Blackboards

A website, designed to improve the quality of life for children growing up with serious medical problems. This is a site about growing up with medical problems ...any ole type. Its goal is to help people understand what it's like, from the perspective of the children and teens who are doing just that. These kids have become experts at coping with problems that most of you have never heard of. They'd like you to know how they do it, and they hope that you'll be glad you came to visit. I've divided the contents into three ponds; one for kids, one for teens, and one for adults. Figure out which you are, and jump in.

Berwickshire Links

Linking adults with learning disabilities one-to-one with volunteers

British Institute of Learning Disabilities

BILD is an independent registered charity based in Kidderminster, UK. Since the organisation was founded in 1972 BILD has been committed to improving the quality of life of all people with a learning disability.

Carlisle People First

A group run by and for people who are labelled as having a learning difficulty providing Self, Citizen and Crisis Advocacy and also a Circles of Support scheme throughout North East Cumbria.

Central England People First

An organisation of people with learning difficulties speaking up for ourselves!


CHANGE fights for the rights of learning disabled people especially people with learning disabilities who are deaf or blind.

Choice Forum

The biggest, liveliest online discussion forum on issues in the lives of people with learning disabilities in the UK.

Disability Equality in Education (DEE)

Disability Equality in Education (DEE) is a rapidly expanding charity, which was set up in 1996 based on the pioneering work of Richard Rieser and Micheline Mason. The foundation of our work is to promote inclusion in the education system that celebrates and embraces in differences of individuals.

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

The biggest, most comprehensive website on learning disabilities in the UK, providing information about learning disabilties, news and events, resources, and the work of the Foundation.

Maltron special Keyboards

Welcome to the MALTRON KEYBOARDS website. Here you can find out about our revolutionary keyboard range that enables RSI sufferers and people with special needs to use computers without strain or injury


Mencap works with children and adults with a learning disability and their families and carers to improve their lives and opportunities.

One For Us

One For Us is special, it's not for parents and carers, it's for you!

People First (Fraserburgh)

People First is an organisation for people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities. It is run by people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities. The aim of the organisation is to get people with learning and physical disabilities to stand up for themselves, to get to know their rights, to have a say, to secure for themselves reasonable up to standard accommodation, to find suitable employment, and to have equality of opportunity in line with all other sectors of society.

People First Scotland

Most people with learning difficulties or learning disabilities have had bad experiences. Some people are abused. Some people are ignored or badly treated. Most are not taken seriously. People First is the International independent self-advocacy movement of people with learning difficulties.

Plain Facts

A magazine for people with learning difficulties

The Collaborative Group for Learning Disability Research in the North West

We are pleased to announce the re-formation of the Collaborative Group for Learning Disability Research in the North West. The group was originally set up in 1997 with funding from the North West NHS Executive, and resulted in a number of workshops on forensic issues, methodology, physical disabilities and mental health issues. Unfortunately, we failed to obtain continuing funding from the North West NHS Executive. We are now re-launching the group with funding from Manchester Metropolitan University and from the field, which will support the group for a further 20 months.

The Conductive Education Website

Conductive Education is a form of special education and rehabilitation for children and adults with motor disorders. It is appropriate for conditions where disease or damage to the central nervous system affects a person's ability to control movement. In childhood these conditions include cerebral palsy and dyspraxia, and in adulthood, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and those who have had a stroke or head injury.

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities aims to improve the quality of life for people with learning disabilities. We do this by conducting research and sharing the findings with other people.

The National Association for Special Educational Needs

With over seventy branches across the country The National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN) is the leading organisation in the UK which aims to promote the education, training, advancement and development of all those with special educational needs. NASEN has over 10,000 members and reaches a huge readership through its two journals: British Journal of Special Education and Support for Learning and magazine Special!

The UK Learning Disabilities Website

It is the intent of UKLD to bring you a one-stop source of information about UK Learning Disability issues, by providing you with links to the best sources of current information in a straightforward and practical way. Use the index above to navigate your way about the website, or use the "Quick Links" on the left to access the "hottest" items.
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