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3tfm Community Radio for Health

The idea of a Careers Show on Community Radio was conceived during April 2006 when a local steering group. Chaired by Jim McHarg of Community Learning & Development set up a radio station called GVFM (Garnock Valley FM).

This group had been granted a four week broadcasting license and my idea was to take careers information into a new medium and this provided the ideal opportunity to experiment.

The initial concept I had was a show to highlight various careers interspersed with music and local information and the four week run of the show proved very successful. GVFM was later granted a further four week license and from there the show grew from strength to strength.

Active Sports Bucks

Welcome to the new home of Active Sports and the Bucks & Milton Keynes Sports Partnership on the Net.

The aim of this website is to provide information, improve communication, share good practice and keep you informed of the activities of Active Sports and the Partnership.

The site is aimed at all those involved in the programme across the county including

  • **players and athletes**
  • **coaches**
  • **clubs & volunteers**
  • **schools & teachers**
  • **parents**
  • **sports development officers**

    Hopefully you will find something of interest to you. We also want to encourage interaction and participation in the events organised for you, so please let us have your comments and feedback. You can also register for our chat page to discuss your sport or area of involvement with others across the county. The site will continue to grow and develop and we value your opinions, if there is anything you would like to see on the site, or you would like to comment, please use the contact us section.


    We are a national children`s charity with 26 years experience of working with children, from 6 months to 12 years, who have a brain injury, chromosome or genetic condition resulting in disability, and developmental delay.

    Families contact one of our centres in Somerset or Essex looking for help and support in helping their child/ren to meet its/their potential. A team of therapists (physio, OT, developmental and cognitive) assess each child individually and design a programme of exercises for the family to do at home. The programme takes about 30 mins per day and should be done at least 5 times per week.

    Derbyshire Centre for Intergrated Living

    The Derbyshire Coalition for Inclusive Living is an organisation of Disabled People formed by the merger of the Derbyshire Coalition of Disabled People and the Derbyshire Centre for Integrated Living.


    Dis:Course is a project supporting groups concerned with disability and long-term health issues in Bracknell and the surrounding area. It will also provide an information service to disabled people, their families and carers.

    Irish Wheelchair Association

    The Irish Wheelchair Association is the national organisation dedicated to the achievement of full social, economic and educational integration of people with disabilities as equal, independent and participative members within the general community.

    Leeds CIL (LCIL)

    Leeds CIL (LCIL) enables disabled people to challenge and break down the barriers that prevent us from participating in everyday life. The centre provides services developed by disabled people, for disabled people. It assists disabled people in Leeds to take control of our own lives, to live where we want, how we want and with whom we choose.

    Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People

    The Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People has existed since 1866. Throughout its long history, the single objective has been to respond to the expressed needs and aspirations of deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, blind and partially sighted people. This has been achieved by the active participation of sensory-impaired people, both as members of committees at every level and as members of staff.

    The success of the Society is without doubt due to the active pursuit of this policy. However, sensory-impaired people recognise the value of the large number of people who have given and continue to give their time and talents in a voluntary capacity, and this valuable input has been a significant factor in the progress of the Society.

    Mike Coatesworth's Site

    Who am I? Where am I going? Those were the questions that I asked myself daily when I was a teenager. I'm not sure whether or not I found the answers, although I've done and seen plenty of things that some people only dream of.

    Newtonmore Information Site

    Welcome to Newtonmore - In the Heart of the Highlands and a central location for the hit Television series 'Monarch of the Glen' - An ideal touring base - quiet, friendly, yet close to all the facilities of Aviemore.

    North Dorset Disability Information Service

    NorDDiS believes in the equality of all human beings and recognises and values diversity.
    NorDDiS recognises that certain groups and individuals are discriminated against on grounds such as disability, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age and national origin.

    The British Council of Disabled People (BCODP)

    The British Council of Disabled People (BCODP) was set up by disabled people in 1981 to promote our full equality and participation within society. We are an umbrella organisation that represents some 136 disabled people's groups (April 1999) at the national level. These groups, controlled by disabled people, are mostly local Coalitions working on local issues.
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