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The internet magazine for disABLE women.

This is a free magazine, in that we are not supported in any way by either charity funds or advertising, and we would like to keep it that way. But the articles will dry up after a short time unless you contribute your articles.

We don`t have a "Mission Statement" but our intention is to continute to develop, with your help, a magazine that women with any disAbility can contribute to and read with enjoyment.

Arthritis Today Magazine

Contains Features/News and more.

Big Print

A weekly newspaper in large print produced by the RNIB. Information on samples and subscription.

Disability Now

National Disability Newspaper, Features, Stories, Links etc

Disability Telegraph

On-line newspaper - voice to London`s 33% ethnic minorities and Britains 6.2 million Disabled People

Disability View

The UK`s bightest disabilities magazine. Includes most popular features including a Products and Services Showcase

Kickback 37

We are a group of ME sufferers, mainly in west and south west London but not exclusively so, and welcome members from any location. The problems that ME/CFS sufferers face are the same wherever they live.


Ouch is a website from the BBC. Its aim is to reflect the lives of disabled people right here and now in the third millennium. It`s not a help and support site. If we were to give it a label, it would probably be closest to lifestyle. We pride ourselves on not being a resource for useful information, though I`m sure you`ll find most things you`re looking for here. There are many help and support sites out there that do a fantastic job, far better than we could, so we in the BBC`s Learning & Interacitve department felt it would be good to do something completely different.

Soundaround Online

The international interactive audio magazine for blind & partially sighted people


Soundings is a free, impartial and editorially independent monthly information magazine in audio for anyone in the United Kingdom who is blind or partially sighted - whether or not they are registered as such. Soundings information is available on audio cassette and here on the Internet


Channel 4``s magazine programme for young deaf people. Includes a message-board, and links.
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