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Dutch HemiPelvectomy Site

Site is in Dutch/German/English. The information on this site is composed chronologically starting with the operation and ending with the long term consequences. Besides that you'll find an overview of other internet-sites that might be of interest to you, some literature, a list of addresses and my personal story. You won't find all information for all kinds of amputations on this site because, at this moment, the site is limited to the hemipelvectomy. There are other internet sites that can provide you with more general information about amputations, check the links page and find out.


American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthestists

USA - Above Knee Amputee.com

The World wide Site for Above Knee Amputees

USA - Amputee On-Line

Multi-Award Winning Site

USA - OandP.com

oandp.com is an Internet portal dedicated to providing comprehensive information and services to the orthotics and prosthetics profession. The site is owned and operated by O&P Digital Technologies (Gainesville, FL), an Internet technology company that provides a full range of web/software development and technology services tailored to the O&P profession.

USA - United Amputee Services Association Inc.

We are a 100% Volunteer run, non-profit organization (IRS 501-3-c), with a mission to provide support and education to amputees in South and Central Florida. We offer hospital visitation, peer counseling and education to individuals who have had an amputation and to their families.
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