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Asthma Help Site

There are other Asthma pages on the web and many are very informative but most are a little too technical and dry! This site will hopefully address that. We aim to give useful and relevant advice - Look out for the Asthma-Help-Box's.

Asthma Online

I am Ellen Stafford. I am 22 and live in Bath, England. I decided to create this site as I have had asthma since I was 7 years old and thought there was a need for a site where people can interact. I also wanted to help people who don't understand asthma what it is about. I am very lucky because I don't suffer too badly from asthma. I have it under control more. For the last year or so I have been taking a ventide inhaler which is grey. It contains some ventolin (blue inhaler) and some beclomethasone (brown inhaler). It works well. The main things that trigger my asthma off is stress and pollen. Web design is my hobby. I hope you enjoy looking around my site. Please check out the acknowledgements page as I have a few people to thank.


Breathingline.co.uk provides an easy to understand insight into asthma. This information will help you gain the knowledge needed to take the first steps to controlling your asthma and getting on with your life.

British Asthma Guidelines

The areas covered by the guideline are: the use of peak flow measurement in diagnosis and management, drug treatment, non-drug treatment and referral.

Scottish Respiratory Site

National Site - Scotland

The General Practice Airways Group (GPIAG)

The General Practice Airways Group (GPIAG) is a group of nearly 1000 general practitioners with an interest in respiratory diseases which are common in primary care. We formed in 1987 as the GPs in Asthma Group; over recent years we've broadened our membership and scope and is currently a primary care respiratory organisation dedicated to achieving optimal respiratory health for all. The group is the independent, authoritative voice of, and aims to facilitate promotion of best practice amongst all members of the primary care respiratory team.

The Leicester Children's Asthma Centre

A new centre, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, for the study and treatment of asthma in children

The Lung and Asthma Information Agency

The Lung and Asthma Information Agency was established in 1990 in the Public Health Sciences Department of St Georges Hospital Medical School, London. Overall management of LAIA is by a Steering Group. This comprises of representatives from: the National Asthma Campaign, the British Lung Foundation and the British Thoracic Society , the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Department of Public Health Sciences at St. George's.
LAIA is managed locally by a Project Board which includes various academic members of staff in the Department of Public Health Sciences.

University of Dundee - Asthma Research Unit

The aim of the Unit is to produce high quality research in the treatment and management of patients with asthma. Until such a time as the laboratories produce a "cure" for asthma, we believe it is work such as ours that can best benefit the patient. By educating medical staff through dissemination of our findings we can help ensure that all patients with asthma receive the best possible care.

University of Edinburgh Occupational Asthma

"Occupational asthma is a disease characterised by variable air flow limitation and/or airway hyper-responsiveness due to causes and conditions attributable to a particular occupational environment and not to stimuli encountered outside the workplace" (Bernstein et al 1993). Within this definition two types of occupational asthma can be distinguished:
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