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Association Help for Autistic Children

In French/English. Wants to gather on this site the latest information concerning the treatment that can be applied to autistic children.
Here we present a significant part of world research, mostly American, which has been carried out over the last 30 years on autism.

Autism Association - Singapore

National Site - Singapore

Autism Network International

Welcome to the homepage for Autism Network International, an autistic-run self-help and advocacy organization for autistic people.


Autism-Europe plays a key role in focussing all the efforts and materials in the area of autism to advance research on the causes, the prevention and the treatment of Autism


Autistic.Net offers free information about the treatment and diagnosis of Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, as well as information about clinics for autistic children, support groups for parents, & autism newsgroups & chat rooms.

Belgium - APEPA asbl

L'autisme affecte l'ensemble du développement de l'enfant dans divers domaines (cognitif, sensoriel, affectif,...); il touche les secteurs de l'autonomie, de la socialisation et de la communication et pourrait affecter, en Belgique francophone, plus de 10.000 personnes. L'autisme se caractérise en outre par sa diversité (" Il y a autant d'autismes que d'autistes ") et, en corollaire, par la difficulté d'établir un diagnostic précis et systématique.

Centre for Concrete Communication

In English/French/Italian. The Centre for Concrete Communication provides specialized and customized training courses, lectures and workshops on autism, based on your needs.
Hands on work with children or adults with autism is included in a lot of our courses. Our interventions depend on the requests we get from services, schools, institutions, centres, …; we propose theoretical lectures on autism, practical modules, practical interventions in a school/ institution, training courses which are developed especially for parents.

Danish Knowledge and Resource Centre for Autism

Also in English/Turkish. The Danish Knowledge and Resource Centre for Autism was established in collaboration with the counties of Fyn, Århus and Copenhagen. The Centre is one of seven information centers for handicapped people. A professional steering committee is attached to the Centre consisting of representatives from the counties and the National Society for Autism. The Danish Knowledge and Resource Centre for Autism was founded in 1994 and is located in Virum near Copenhagen.

Findland - Autismi- ja Aspergerliitto ry

Autismi- ja Aspergerliitto on autismin alalla toimivien alueellisten ja valtakunnallisten jäsenyhdistysten muodostama. Se pyrkii ajamaan yhteisesti autistien ja muiden laaja-alaisesti kehityshäiriöisten henkilöiden sekä heidän omaistensa asiaa. Sen keskeisiä toimintamuotoja ovat erilaiset tilaisuudet ja koulutustapahtumat.

Irish Society for Autism

The Irish Society for Autistic Children (I.S.A.C.) was founded in 1963 and was renamed The Irish Society for Autism (I.S.A.) in 1992. After its foundation I.S.A.C. realised that the initial enthusiasm of professionalism and statutory bodies very quickly subsided and then failed to provide the specialised services required by children with Autism. The long campaign began, a campaign of education and creating awareness, insisting on the need for early diagnosis, early intervention and above all appropriate education. While this campaign was in motion the Society in partnership with a Regional Health Authority, the Eastern Health Board, set about developing services for young adults with Autism who unfortunately were at that time in totally unsuitable psychiatric hospitals. The Gheel Training Group was formed and now provides day and residential facilities in the community care model for 52 persons with Autism in the Dublin area.

Luxembourg - Autisme Luxembourg

Au Luxembourg, notre association a pour but d'assister les personnes atteintes d'autisme, dans les domaines du logement, du travail et des loisirs. Autisme Luxembourg est gestionnaire de 2 structures :
- Le Centre d'Intégration et de Récréation pour Personnes atteintes d'Autisme (C.I.R.P.A). - La KERAMIKFABRIK, atelier d'insertion au marché de l'emploi

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Autisme

Deze NVA website is bedoeld voor ouders, hulpverleners en een ieder die met autisme te maken heeft. Wat is autisme? Waar kan ik terecht voor een juiste diagnose? Welke behandelingsmogelijkheden zijn er? Hoe kan ik het beste in bepaalde situaties reageren? Hoe werkt de hulpverlening? Welke organisaties zijn er? Hoe werken deze? Wat zijn de regelingen van overheid? Hoe zit het met de verzekeringen?

Nimbusgarden - Sweden

Nimbusgården, Lund, Sweden is a center for people with autism. Nimbusgården consists of a day center, pupils home, group home, school and Snoezelen house. In these units we work according to the TEACCH-programe. TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped CHildren) is a programe which has been developed by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. We have also started a computer project.
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