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Association for Children with Life-Threatening Conditions

ACT is the only national organisation working to improve care and services for all children in the UK with life-threatening or terminal conditions and their families. Our work is needed because there are over 14,000 affected children in the UK and many families are struggling with little or no support.
Registered in 1993, ACT has found that all families have similar needs although their children have a wide range of life-threatening conditions. We believe that they should all have equal access to palliative care, wherever they live and whatever their illness.

Breast Cancer Care

Excellent & Informative website

Bristol Cancer Help Centre

Excellent British Website: Bristol Cancer Help Centre is the UK's leading holistic cancer charity that has pioneered the Bristol Approach to cancer care, for people with cancer and those close to them. This Approach works hand-in-hand with medical treatment, providing a unique combination of physical, emotional and spiritual support using complementary therapies and self-help techniques, including practical advice on nutrition. People can access the Bristol Approach through

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood

It is 25 years since a small, determined group of doctors and parents lead by Bob Woodward got together to form a local charity in the South West to help children with cancer and leukaemia and their families. Over two decades later CLIC has been transformed into one of Britainís most dynamic national childrenís charities, offering help and support to a growing number of families across the UK.

Cancer Black Care

Cancer Black Care (CBC) aims to address the cultural and emotional needs of people affected by cancer, as well as their carers, families and friends. We intend to achieve this by leading and influencing educational programmes relating to cancer prevention, treatment and palliative care and through discussion, debate and advocacy in relation to issues concerned with the quality of life of those undergoing or contemplating treatment.

Cancer Help UK

We have set up CancerHelp UK because we believe that information about cancer should be freely available to all people who are living or working with cancer.

Cancer Laryngectomee Trust

Excellent website: Cancer Laryngectomee Trust

Cancer Research Campaign

The Cancer Research Campaign was founded in 1923 and each year we build on the fundraising and scientific achievements of the year before. We are getting bigger and better every year. We are committed to beating cancer by understanding its causes, finding ways to prevent it, developing new treatments - then making sure that the best new treatments reach patients in the clinic here in the UK and all over the world.

Cancer Resource Centre

Established in 1983, the Centre is a registered charity which helps anyone who has been affected by cancer. This includes not just those who have cancer themselves but also those who have a family member or friend with the disease as well as health professionals. The Centreís services can be used by anyone who can reach the Centre. Our publications and educational programme are available to people nationwide.

Cancer Support UK

In her association with the Royal Marsden NHS Trust, the Princess of Walesís interest centred on the care and needs of individual patients with cancer and on the concerns of their families and friends. Increasingly, with developments in cancer treatments, more people with cancer are being treated and cared for at home. For this reason The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund has generously funded a three-year project undertaken by the Royal Marsden NHS Trust.


Welcome to CancerBACUP, Europe's leading cancer information service, with over 4,500 pages of up-to-date cancer information, practical advice and support for cancer patients, their families and carers.

Colon Cancer Concern

Excellent & informative British website: Colon Cancer Concern (CCC) is the UK's leading national charity dedicated to reducing deaths from bowel cancer - also known as colorectal cancer - and improving the quality of life of those affected by the disease.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund

Imperial Cancer Research Fund is one of the world's leading cancer research organisations. We employ over 1000 doctors and scientists who work tirelessly to find new answers to cancer by understanding the causes of cancer, learning how cancer can be prevented and by finding new treatments that will dramatically improve the quality of life for people with cancer. Our work makes a real difference to the lives of thousands of people touched by this disease.

MacMillan Cancer Relief

Macmillan Cancer Relief is a UK charity supporting people with cancer and their families with specialist information, treatment and care.
That support is available from the moment that cancer is diagnosed.

Maggies Centre

Our Centre is a place for people who have cancer, their families and friends. It was founded by Maggie Keswick Jencks and guided by her experiences as a cancer patient.

Marie Currie Cancer Care

Founded in 1948, Marie Curie Cancer Care is now the UK's largest and most comprehensive cancer care charity. All of our vital services are provided free of charge.


Excellent & informative website

NHS Cancer Screening

The national office of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes is responsible for coordination of the two national cancer screening programmes in England


Ovacome is a nationwide support group for all those concerned about ovarian cancer. Overcome also aims to share personal experiences, link sufferers and provide information about treatment, screening, research and raising awareness about the condition.

Sargent Cancer Care for Children

Each year over 2,000 children and young people under 21 are diagnosed with cancer.
Sargent Cancer Care for Children supports families at home and in hospital from the day of diagnosis.
We provide practical and financial help and short breaks for families and young people at our specialist centres in Scotland and South London.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust aims to save and improve the lives of teenagers with cancer.

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) is a UK wide charity for families and individuals affected by retinoblastoma. We offer support and information, fund research and raise public awareness of this rare cancer. Retinoblastoma is a cancer of the eye that develops in children, typically under five years old. The survival rate for children affected is increasingly good. However many children will have an eye removed as part of their treatment and some both eyes. The work of The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust follows its three aims:

The Prostate Cancer Charity

Launched in March 1996 at the Hammersmith Hospital in London, The Prostate Cancer Charity has one primary objective which is to improve the care and welfare of people whose lives are affected by prostate cancer.


PIES stands for personalised information, education and support for cancer patients and carers.
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