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Living With Cerebal Palsy

Welcome to our site, the reason behind this site is I have Cerebral Palsy and Neuromuscular Scoliosis. Over the last couple of years, I have been researching Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis, and I struggled to find a lot of information about the links between Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis. As a result, I have decided to create my own website so that I can share my own experiences of Living with Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis.

About CP

Excellent & Informative Website, Well Worth a Look

Australia - Cerebral Palsy Association of Western Australia

From its humble beginnings in 1951, The Cerebral Palsy Association of Western Australia finds itself after 50 years as a leader in the provision of services and specialised therapy for children and adults with cerebral palsy.
Our vision is for a community where all people freely exercise choice. Our contribution to this will be as a leading provider of quality services, promoting choice to meet individual need

Cerebal Palasy & Deaf Organisation

In May of 1998, we got together as group of C.P. and deaf friends for our social gathering at Patty Porreca's home. Janet Noyes showed the group a piece from the website saying there was no book on C.P. and deafness together. We knew that having C.P. and deafness together had completely different experiences than just C.P. or deaf. Rocky Somers came up with a brilliant idea of having a website for our group. We decided to form a C.P and Deaf Organization in November of 1998.

Cerebral Palsy Connection

"Communication Helps Those with Cerebral Palsy Help Themselves and Each Other"

Cerebral Palsy Group

The Cerebral Palsy Group is dedicated to providing information, material and resources that is available to both families as well as those who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Guidance

Cerebral Palsy Guidance was created to provide answers and assistance to parents of a child with cerebral palsy. Our goal is to reach as many members of the cerebral palsy community as possible, building up a network of support, as well as providing necessary assistance. We cover cerebral palsy from all angles–from symptoms, causes, and treatment, to daily living information, such as communication and transitioning to adulthood articles. Our information is provided by expert writers and is thoroughly researched and cited.

Cerebral Palsy Info Central (CPIC)

The goal of CPIC is to educate people about cerebral palsy, to provide a central place on the Internet for people to find information about cerebral palsy, and provide support to those who have cerebral palsy and their families and healthcare providers.

CP Parent

CPParent is a LISTSERV mailing list for discussions of issues relating to the parenting of children afflicted by Cerebral Palsy (CP). Children, as well as parents, are invited to join in the discussion.

Susie's Cerebral Palsy Home Page

"This website says beyond a thousand words. It touches emotions in the mind and heart. It gives The NEW Definition of Cerebral Palsy extra added power to it's mission of education, awareness and advocating Cerebral Palsy. It grabs attention in honest truth and sincerity. There is strength in numbers, and this website shows reality, it shows compassion, understanding and open mindedness through human experiences that warms the heart. I recommend this website to anyone who wants correct and true information on CP...."

The International Cerebral Palsy Society

ICPS is a dynamic umbrella organisation founded in 1969 to help others to help themselves. It has members in over 60 countries mostly comprised of parent organisations and individuals with an interest in cerebral palsy. ICPS supplies vital expertise, advice, resources, information, a database and an international interchange of people, ideas and good practise in all aspects of CP. ICPS raises awareness of CP worldwide, and at the highest levels, opening doors to contacts and sponsorship. The main aim of the Society, its Executive Committee and the membership is to perform these functions effectively and unobtrusively.

United Cerebral Palsy

For 50 years, UCP (a.k.a. United Cerebral Palsy) has been committed to change and progress for persons with disabilities. The national organization and its nationwide network of 110 affiliates in 39 states strive to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities in every facet of society—from the Web to the workplace, from the classroom to the community. As one of the largest health charities in America, UCP's mission is to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, through our commitment to the principles of independence, inclusion and self-determination.

USA - ecerebralpalsy.com

Welcome to eCerebralPalsy.com! Does your child suffer from Cerebral Palsy? Have you been searching for answers to your questions about cerebral palsy? In this site you`ll find many articles and resources about cerebral palsy. We have thoroughly researched the best sites about this medical condition. Please enter by clicking on the link below or use one of the links below to go directly to a specific section of this site.
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