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C F S - Information International

On this site you'll find more than 4500 files on CFS/FM and overlapping syndromes. The files are organized in 90 main sections. Each section has a basic survey or review written by me.

CFIDS Association of America

Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS, myalgic encephalomyelitis, ME and by many other names) is a complex and debilitating chronic illness that affects the brain and multiple body systems. On this portion of our Web site you can find detailed information about CFIDS, its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, important research findings, and how it affects the lives of those who live with it everyday. Whether you are a person with CFIDS, a medical professional, a caregiver, or just curious, we hope that the information you find here will improve your understanding of this devastating illness that affects more Americans than multiple sclerosis (MS), AIDS or lung cancer.

University of Washington Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cooperative Research Center

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) today announced new research awards totaling $1.9 million in first-year funding to support three Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Cooperative Research Centers. The centers will conduct broadly focused research addressing basic science, clinical and epidemiological aspects of CFS, including its causes, characteristics and treatment. CFS is a puzzling disorder in which previously healthy adults or adolescents develop severe unexplained fatigue that persists beyond six months, often in association with a spectrum of additional complaints such as sleep disorders, problems with mental concentration and memory, muscle and joint aches, and tender lymph nodes. The condition was first recognized in the early 1980s, but it remains unclear whether it is a new illness or only newly appreciated. After nearly 20 years of national and international research efforts, the cause or causes of CFS remain unknown.
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