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The NovoLog Ultimate Walk The NovoLog Ultimate Walk to Cure Diabetes seeks to raise significant funds for juvenile diabetes research by trekking to the South Pole. The money raised will be distributed through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Diabetes UK to help them find a cure for Type I diabetes.

Diabetes Insight

Diabetes Insight was established in April 1996 to provide information for people and families with diabetes in the UK, to help them to manage their diabetes and lead a normal active life.

There is a lot of information available but unfortunately not all this information is readily accessible or available at your local hospital, doctors surgery, or pharmacy. People don't always know where to obtain the information or want to bother their Doctor, Diabetic Specialist or Healthcare Professional.

Steven Sexton founded Diabetes Insight web site in April 1996 to help make information available to people living with diabetes. The use of web based technology was seen as one of the most cost effective means of acheiving this, it allows information to be easily updated, it is available 24 hours a day and usually for the price of a local phone call.

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is the new name of the British Diabetic Association - the leading charity working for people with diabetes, funding research, campaigning and helping people live with the condition.

Diabetes UK - Cambridge Branch

Cambridge Diabetics discussion group - Email and/or web discussion of diabetes-related topics which are important to you! This group was specifically created for diabetics living near Cambridge, UK. New members are very welcome.


We aim to provide you information, services, products and resources for those with diabetes and those caring for diabetics. Diabetes in the UK affect almost 2.5 Million people.

Diabetic Children of Leicestershire information and fun page

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MedicAlert® is the only non-profit making, registered charity providing a life-saving identification system for individuals with hidden medical conditions and allergies. This takes the form of body-worn bracelets or necklets (known as MedicAlert® Emblems) bearing the MedicAlert® symbol on the disc and supported by a 24 hour emergency telephone service. Each member receives an Emblem that is engraved with the wearer’s main medical condition(s) or vital details, a personal ID number and a 24 hour emergency telephone number that can access their details from anywhere in the world in over 100 languages.

Nottingham Parents of Children with Diabetes

Nottingham Parents of Children with Diabetes was formed over four years ago so that children with diabetes and their families could meet and either talk about diabetes or just have fun at social events - secure in the knowledge that those around them shared similar problems. All the families who come along have at least one child with diabetes - my 14 year old daughter developed the condition 8 years ago.

Teenage Diabetes

Teenagediabetes.co.uk is a type 1 diabetes site designed for teenagers (its wild design certainly doesn't attract old fogies). "I have called our teenage site REDUCED FAT because its the one thing that we all have to be aware of," writes Webmaster Philip Johnston. "If you want facts, straight talking and information then look no further than the best Scottish web site on diabetes.
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