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Danielle's Story

Hello, my name is Danielle, my picture will be on a lot of pages on this site because my Dad has made it. I was born in Cyprus and I am 3 years old. I have Down's syndrome. This doesn't mean a lot to me as I can do everything my friends can it just takes me a little bit longer to get there.

Declan Lennon's Home Page

Declan is 7 years old and lives in Redcar, Cleveland. Mum describes him as a Holy Terror. Declan cannot speak very well but is excellent at signing, he is learning BSL and is already better than Mum and Dad. He currently attends Kirkleatham Hall which is a special school, Declan loves it!!! He goes horseriding and swimming weekly and has an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a physiotherapist and the school nurse all on tap!

Down Syndrome Information Network

Excellent & Informative Website

Down's Syndrome Association - Lincolnshire

The Lincolnshire Branch of the Down's Syndrome Association exists to provide a network of support, help and advice to all families across the county who have a relative with Down's Syndrome. The Committee meet on a regular basis and are always looking for new volunteers and ideas.

Downs Syndrome Association, Bristol Branch

The Downs Syndrome Association, Bristol Branch website. We are an active parent led support group with around 120 members who aim to enhance the lives of people with Downs Syndrome, their families and care givers in the Bristol Area. This site provides information about the Downs Syndrome Association, details of professional support and local support organisations and details of forthcoming events. If you have just had, or are expecting a baby with Downs Syndrome, look at our pages for new parents. Feel free to contact us in confidence for help, advice or simply for someone to talk to.

Downs Syndrome Association: Liverpool Branch

Parent-led support group who meet monthly, are working for the benefits of children and adults in the Liverpool area and are always looking for volunteers to help on the committee.

Greater Manchester Branch of the Down's Syndrome Association

The Greater Manchester Branch of the Down's Syndrome Association, now has a presence on the World Wide Web. The GMDSA is a parent led support group to provide information for parents, carers and professionals on all matters concerning Down's syndrome.

Liverpool Branch of the Down's Syndrome Association

The Liverpool Branch of the Down's Syndrome Association is a local group of volunteers who provide help and support for children and adults with Down's Syndrome, their families, carers, professionals and all those interested in matters concerning Down's Syndrome in the Liverpool area. As well as providing advice and support, we also have a sponsorship program running to fund professionals to attend the Sarah Duffen Centre in Portsmouth for training. Very shortly, at the request of National Office, the network of present branches will become independant charities in their own right with their own charity numbers. The Liverpool Branch will be known as "Down's Syndrome Liverpool" and

Rachel's Story

Rachel was born on 14th September 1999.She was delivered at home after taking everyone by surprise and almost being born on the bathroom floor! It was 24hours later that we found out that she had Downs syndrome.It came as a huge shock to ourselves,our family,and friends.We thought we would never get back to normal.Over the months that followed we slowly came to terms with her "disability" and would not change her for the world.

Recommended Down Syndrome Sites

If you do a web search for "Down syndrome" on any of the major search engines, you'll now get thousands of websites in return. When I first started this list, my intention was to make it as comprehensive as I could, and with only a few hundred sites, it used to be easier. With the rapid expansion of the internet over the last three years, however, that goal has become almost impossible. So here are the sites that I feel have the most to offer parents of children with Down syndrome ("DS" for short).

South West Thames Branch of Down's Syndrome Association

We are a parent led support group to provide information & advice in our area (West & South West London, Surrey & West Sussex) to children & adults with Down's Syndrome, parents, carers and professionals on all matters concerning Down's syndrome

The Down Syndrome Association

The Down's Syndrome Association is a membership led and driven organisation, open to anyone who wishes to join. Full membership which confers voting rights, is open to parents, adults with Down's syndrome and their carers. Associate membership is open to grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and godparents. Affiliate membership is open to all professionals, (Doctors, Nurses, Speech & Language Therapists etc.) and schools, colleges and organisations.

The Down's Syndrome Association London Branch

The Down's Syndrome Association London Branch was formed in June 2000 to try to meet the needs of a number of young children with Down's Syndrome and their families. The branch is at an early stage of development and would like to hear from anyone in the London area who is interested in being involved.

UK Resources for Down's Syndrome

Excellent Site. This is a "must" to obtain information on Associations etc within the UK
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