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Bristol Dyslexia Centre

Bristol Dyslexia Centre is an independent teaching centre for all ages. It uses innovative and fun methods for teaching to inspire a love of learning and create self confidence. The Centre is established in Bristol and takes students from over 100 different schools, colleges and universities in the Bristol and surrounding areas. The Centre is run by Pat and Mike who are supported by a committed team of trained and dedicated teachers.

British Dyslexia Association

The BDA is the voice of dyslexic people. We offer advice, information and help to families, professionals and dyslexic individuals. We are working to raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia, and to effect change.

Cymdeithas Ddyslecsia Gorllewin Cymru - West Wales Dyslexia Association

WWDA can help you find out more about dyslexia A Swansea based registered charity, we hold meetings with guest speakers who can tell you about different aspects of dyslexia and practical remedies you can adopt to make life easier. We also discuss dyslexia and the education system and find out what local schools are doing to help. Coming together as a group also enables us to share other people's experiences, hear of success stories and provide support. We also have a regular newsletter which keeps you up-to-date with our work. Members receive 'Contact', the magazine of the British Dyslexia Association. We arrange social events for adults and children with dyslexia and for carers and supporters of family and friends who are dyslexic. Our Aims

Dyslexia - Information.Com

Winner of the Golden Web Award - Excellent site - Information/Advice, homework Links and more

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

The Dyslexia Association of Ireland (DAI) was founded in 1972. It is a company, limited by guarantee, a voluntary organisation with charitable status. It aims to promote awareness of Specific Learning Disability (SLD/Dyslexia) and to serve the needs of people with this difficulty. The DAI lobbies for the provision of appropriate services by the state to all people with dyslexia. It provides a free information service to the public. Services offered include: psycho-educational assessment of children and adults, group and individual specialised tuition, teachers' courses, Summer schools, speakers for schools and parents groups. The DAI has thirty five branches to date. Branches act as


Dyslexiahelp! is the service site for Crossbow Education. The purpose of the site is to help in the teaching of dyslexic students, by providing useful tips and teaching ideas, and links to other useful sites for dyslexia teaching, assessment and resources. We hope you find it useful. Of course we also want to draw your attention to our own material, so you will find links to our commercial site, where you can, if you wish, order goods online with our secure payment service.

Milton Keynes Dyslexia Association

The MKDA was formed to ensure that support would be available to every child and adult with dyslexia, in Milton Keynes and its surrounding area. In March this year we became afflidated to the BDA together with becoming a registered charity.

North Cumbria Dyslexia Association

The role of the North Cumbria Dyslexia Association: Direct support to anyone who seeks help: Listen Inform Advise SERVICE TO MEMBERS: Drop in Centre - at Chatsworth House, Chatsworth Square, Carlisle- 1st Saturday of the Month. Meetings - professional speakers / parents and adults support exchange problems / strategies Befriender Service Contact Magazine / Newsletter Literature Books, videos, spell checkers Information on Teacher Training courses Helpline List of qualified teachers Wide range of contacts

Oxfordshire Dyslexia Association

We are a charity, established in 1971, to meet the needs of dyslexic adults and children and their families. We provide information, advice, and names of specialist teachers. We also provide support for teachers, dyslexic adults and for the parents of dyslexic children. We offer information and advice to students in employment training, further or higher education, and we campaign for recognition of their needs.

Personal Site - I Am Dyslexic

OH! HI! My name is Barnaby and I am a 12 year old dyslexic. I made this web site for dyslexic people but mostly for dyslexic children. If you are dyslexic this is the site for you. I use a computer in school so I have been though all the things a dyslexic person goes though. On my web site you can find lots of helpful things.

Richmond Dyslexia Association

RDA is a voluntary organisation which aims to promote awareness of the problems of SPECIFIC LEARNING DIFFICULTIES/DYSLEXIA, and advise parents and teachers on the help and advice that is available.

The Cheshire Dyslexia Association

The Association is a charitable association which is open to all members of the public. It was formed by a group of parents and teachers in 1972 and was at first called the Cheshire and North Wales Dyslexia Association. Gwynedd, North East Wales, Stockport, Trafford and Wirral are offshoots and are now fully independent associations in their own right. The association is a registered charity and is affiliated to the national body, The British Dyslexia Association.

The Dyslexia Institute

The Dyslexia Institute (DI) is an educational charity, founded in 1972, for the assessment and teaching of people with dyslexia and for the training of teachers. It has grown to become the only national dyslexia teaching organisation in the world.

The Dyslexia Research Trust

The Dyslexia Research Trust (formerly the Sue Fowler Dyslexia Research Trust) was established in 1995 to support research into the nature and causes of developmental dyslexia and associated conditions, and to help develop new methods of identification and management.

Wigan & District Dyslexia Association

The Association is run to provide help and support for dyslexic people and their families. Our befriending service is there to help and guide parents of dyslexic children through the procedures and stages of assessment as followed by his/her school and Local Education Authority (L.E.A), in accordance with the Code of Practice and the 1996 Education Act.

World Dyslexia Network Foundation

The aim of the World Dyslexia Network Foundation is to provide information, international contacts and links by putting organisations, researchers, practitioners and all those seeing information in touch with each other, helping them to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of dyslexic people everywhere.
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