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European Gaucher Alliance

At the Workshop of the European Working Group on Gaucher's Disease held in Trieste, Italy in October 1994, representatives of Gaucher Associations from France, Holland, Israel, Italy, Sweden and the UK decided to form the European Gaucher Alliance.

United Kingdom - Gaucher's Disease Service at Addenbrooke's

Part of the NHS Web site - outlines the services available at Addenbrook's Hospital, Cambridge

United Kingdon - Gaucher Association

The Gauchers Association was formed in 1991 to meet the needs of those suffering from Gaucher disease. Its members are mainly in the UK and Ireland. We aim to: Provide information about Gaucher disease and keep families and medical advisers up to date with latest developments. Encourage the availability of treatment including enzyme replacement therapy. Keep families in touch for support. Compile a register of those affected by Gaucher disease, which will help assess the prevalance and distribution of affected families. Actively encourage medical research.
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